The Small Stuff

I’ve been getting sloppy. I started out so hard-core, so many years ago. But I’ve let things slip. Started to feel like the small stuff doesn’t really matter.

I used to buy stuff as a true last possible option, after having exhausted the possibilities of making, borrowing, jerry-rigging. Now I buy stuff all the time, at the drop of a hat. Part of that is the realization that time is, in fact, money, and spending a day trying to fix something with the wrong tools is not worth the $10 I save not buying the right tool. That’s how it started anyway. But the distance from a chosen, challenging, alternative path to the regular American convenience ethic is a slippery slope. And, I’ll admit it, I slipped.

Reading Riana’s blog is helping me to clamber back up. I’m trying to start sweating the small stuff again, because it does matter. Partly for the things themselves, but more for just keeping myself upright. Staying in the zone. Keeping all this stuff a buzz in the back of my mind. Like doing sit-ups with my brain, it keeps me in shape.

Yesterday, we had some ladies over for a new-baby oggling party. Bless their hearts, they all came laden with heavy Whole Foods bags full of fancy snacks and quick dinners for my pantry. As I was putting a giant tray of mac n’ cheese (homemade, but in a big disposable tray with a clear plastic top) into a tupperware, I considered the tray. I looked at the bottom, no holes. ‘Ah, but when will I ever use it?’ I thought to myself, and moved toward the trash. I thought about Riana. Then I had an idea. When I make soil blocks, to start plants, I’m always looking for trays to put them in. And this one even had a built in greenhouse! Suddenly I couldn’t believe I’d almost tossed it! My own trash became my own treasure!

Sweating the small stuff is worthwhile. It all adds up, and finding little solutions every day forces you to think creatively. And if there’s one quality necessary to this “simple” lifestyle, it’s creativity!

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