I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

the glam granny bike

Well, it’s not the bike of my dreams. I wanted a punk rebuild. But I looked for weeks and all I could find was overpriced old crap bikes with the chain not even greased up (seriously, I drove halfway across town to look at one for $160 that was just an old piece of junk, the shifter didn’t work, and it rode like a train wreck. “Antique” bikes are all the rage here. Maybe somebody else will care enough to spend $160 on something only worth parking in their yard) Finally I gave up, I just wanted to be riding a damn bicycle! I bit the bullet and for $400 bought a brand new one. It’s not pretty by my warped standards, and pink? dear god! But I’ll admit, she rides like a dream.

It’s a called a beach cruiser I guess. All that means to me is that I can sit upright like a human being for chrissakes! I always hated leaning forward, crunching my wrists and craning my neck up to see ahead– as if I were in a race and cared about those few extra mph. Sitting up means of course all your weight hits you right in the ass, but that’s why they come with those big cushy seats.

I spent a few hours yesterday (it took a few hours because I’m a mama… It was really just a 20 minute job) tinkering with it, adjusting  the seat and handlebars, putting on a rear basket.

Yippie! I have a bike! I want to ride it where I like!

We already had a trailer for the Toddler, and Baby when he grows up a bit (it’s double wide, with a big space for groceries too). But for now he rides right on mama, the comfy-est ride around. I love biking with a baby in a carrier, I did it with the Toddler when she was littler too. It feels very secure. And you get loads of funny (and a few admiring) looks.

So, I’m considering how to punk it up. A new paint job? Plastered in bumper stickers? Wrapped in duct tape?

And she’ll need a name. I’ve always wanted to call something Matilda, but does it suit? Maybe Trixie, my fave truck-stop waitress name. Any suggestions?

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