Grant Me The Serenity

Nothing in this world takes patience like motherhood, Holy Smokes! Now that I have two, I’m getting quite the test. Each day is a new opportunity to learn….

(That last bit was not through an angelic smile, but more like gritted teeth)

It’s a rollercoaster, for sure. Motherhood has been twice as joyful and rewarding as I ever imagined anything could be, and also twice as hard. We get the full ride every day, sometimes all in one hour.

Today was a typical mother of two day. We went to the store.

Yes, only you mothers out there can understand the portent of that simple sentence.

Leaving the house is probably the worst part. If all goes well, it’s annoying enough just having to think through and gather what three different people will need. If all goes to Hell– which it seems to usually, especially when there’s a little person asserting her budding sense of individuality and free will– leaving the house can take upwards of an hour, and 90% of your energy.

The other hardest part, that I am really still coming around to, is the two-at-once phenomenon. When both toddler and baby are having A Moment. In the same moment. Which of course happens often as they tip each other off. Getting out of the store today involved one of those Moments. Me trying to juggle nursing a crying baby under the stupid “privacy blanket” while checking out in the self-check aisle, with Toddler trying to climb up the stroller backwards. Suddenly felt something wet dripping on my foot, and realized my other tit was leaking straight through my shirt in drippy faucet fashion.

But then on the way home we stopped at the local family run bakery for a muffin, and Toddler and I sat outside having an adorable mama/daughter moment. Wild curly locks framing her glowing smile as we talked about the trees across the street and watched the birds beg crumbs. And I felt so good about allowing that little person to exert her Self into the world, even if it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

making faces

One thought on “Grant Me The Serenity

  1. your courage and patience and stamina is greatly appreciated by those of us that have chosen not to reproduce in the hopes that others would do a better job! how beautiful to feel so good about the tough job of accomodating miss toddler’s self. you both are treasures to me.

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