Is Your Toilet Running?

Maybe everybody already knows this, but just in case, it seems worth a quickie post.

I’m no handyman, but I can fix a few simple household problems, and it’s good for us housewifely types to pool our knowledge on this front.

I woke up this morning to the sound of the toilet running*. Like it does after it gets flushed, only it hadn’t gotten flushed, and it just ran and ran and ran. Has this ever happened to you? If not, here’s the secret ahead of time, so maybe I can save you from having to ask some man to look at it, and having him fix it in 10 seconds and look at you like you’re crazy.

Take the lid off the back tank and look for a long arm like thing (attached to a chain going down to a ball/floaty thingy). Jiggle the arm up and down.

That’s it.

Now just wait a minute and see if the tank is filling up. If it is, you’ve fixed a common household problem, congratulations! Don’t know why, it just sometimes gets stuck, maybe more often with older, crappier plumbing.

If jiggling doesn’t fix it, there’s a bigger problem. The arm, or the seal at the bottom might need replacing. You’ll have to consult your local plumbing supply store if you can muster the courage, or your favorite handyman. Either way, turn off the water to the toilet so it’s not wasting. The knob should be just behind the toilet, near the floor. Which is another important thing to know, in case you’ve ever just taken the crap of your life, flushed, and now the toilet is overflowing!

*Actually I woke up this morning, and several times in the night, to the sound of our 6 week old grunting and squirming beside me. Another thing that’s not really broken, and just needs some jiggling…. But that’s another story.

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