Pulling Weeds/Screaming Baby

Ah, motherhood.

The first step for my new community garden bed is to clear the space of weeds. Fortunately, the spot had been covered with a good 6 or 8 inches of sawdust, otherwise, I’ve seen what weeds can do around here, Holy Crappers!

But still it was about half regrown with one of their most common and pernicious ground covering weeds here– acetosa. (Now you plant buffs out there will say, as I did, “hey! you can eat that!” And you can, tart and tender, delish. The garden coordinator looked at me like I’d just grown a third arm when I popped one in my mouth. But maybe that was because, as I was soon to discover, he sprays them with Round-up. Guess I won’t be making any acetosa salads)

The thing about pulling weeds is that it’s never a good idea. That top green portion is often completely harmless anyway, what you want to get out is what’s underneath, deep in the dark secret earth. If you really want to rid a new bed of some established weeds, you’ve got to dig deep under those spidery roots, then get down on your knees and gently sift them out. It’s a tedious and backbreaking job, and one best done without a 13 pound screaming baby strapped to your chest. FYI.

See all those light brown, teeny tiny hazelnutty looking thingies? Every single one of those will break up into several pieces, like bulbs of garlic, and grow more acetosa. Shudder.

Mama’s Time Tally

Bike to the garden with fussy Babe on front, Toddler in the trailer: 20 minutes.

Enter garden, set fussy Babe down in the shade to contemplate a leaf, dig three clumps of weeds: 10 minutes.

Soothe and walk to sleep Babe who has gone from fussy to full-fledged screaming: 15 minutes

Return to garden with Babe on back, dig weeds: 20 minutes

Stop to nurse Babe who has woken back up, and is escalating again: 10 minutes

Realize that, since we can never get out of the house till 10:30 AM, no matter how hard I try, it’s already 11:45 and soon to be lunchtime. Bag weeds, gather tools, and get toddler back into trailer, all with fussy Babe strapped on front: 15 minutes

Bike home, stopping to silently yet villainously curse the drivers who NEVER F-ING STOP FOR THE F-ING CROSSWALK: 20 minutes.

This totals out at almost two hours to get 30 minutes of weeding done. And that was with the Toddler being a perfectly adorable dirt playing angel!

Hubby is supposed to spell me some this weekend, even though he’s gearing up for finals. I’m hoping to get one full hour, solo, in the garden on both Saturday and Sunday. If it happens I should be able to finish the weeding, and get the post holes dug for the frame. We’ll see how that works out…

Then next weekend I’d be able to build the frame. Then another weekend to haul the dirt materials. Then–

We’ll leave for Christmas break. Damn!

Well, round about January, I should finally get to plant some seeds. I can hardly wait.

My future garden bed! It will be about 4ft x 12ft, with a path on the left between it and the neighboring bed. The roofing and boards are for building the frame. As you can see, I'm about half done with my weed work.

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