I Hate Cars

Yeah, I mean, it’s not like we don’t have one. It’s not like we don’t drive. But I don’t see how those facts interfere with my potential to hate cars.

Lately my early morning routine goes like so:

The Babe wakes up around 6. He wiggles and grunts (do all babies grunt like little pigs? Have I just forgotten?) until I finally dredge myself out of bed around 6:30. Make coffee, strap him into the carrier, and then we go for a small walk, till he falls back to sleep, so I can savor the quiet time before Toddler wakes up. I’m really enjoying this little ritual greeting of the day, save for one thing.


They’re everywhere you want to be.

Well, at least, when you live in a residential area and it’s going to work hour… It would just be so lovely to wander around in the neighborhoods, admiring the 100 year + houses, the tropical landscaping, the morning light, if it weren’t for those infernal growling machines. I actually love walking in neighborhoods. I love, voyeuristically, looking at what color people choose to paint their house, the shoes left on the porch, toys in the yard, or are they the immaculately clean type?  It’s like people watching, except it’s okay to stare.

But the cars. They really harsh my mellow.

I can’t help but have (and share) the hippie eco-topia fantasies I’ve been having these mornings. With my head still in a dreamfog, I envision all the cars wiped clean from the earth. I see the streets ripped up, and every household turning it’s portion of that newly freed earth into a productive kitchen garden. Landscaping trees replaced with fruit and nut trees, dripping right into our homes! What a morning walk it would be then! Instead of cars whizzing by, I could call greetings to all the other dreamfogers making their way through the gardens to their (much closer) place of employment. And of course, people would work at their job less, because they wouldn’t have monthly car payments, insurance, gas bills, mechanics. And the crops they could grow in the freed up streets would cut their food budget in half!

Ah, solving the world’s problems before 8 am.

On that note, I found an awesomely hilarious foodie blog yesterday, a new fave, called Just Cook It. It’s not a gut buster like my other fave  Food on the Food, his humor is much more British. But check out his Solving the Credit Crunch with Mandatory Elevenses for a good dry, under your breath, British tummy rumble. (Elevenses is a British cutesy for sitting down to tea and cake around eleven o’clock in the morning. Very civilized.)

And one unrelated post script– thanks for all your nice comments. As requested. They are just the sort of ego stroking I was looking for. Good job.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Cars

  1. Elevenses must have been for the upper classes, all we got was a slice o’ bread and a glass of water..(said in true 4 Yorshireman style) …but we were lucky! :D
    Good post, it’s good to dream, wouldn’t that be lovely if it happened, highly unlikely sadly! :( My dreams at that time of the morning generally involve Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman….perhaps I have me priorities wrong ;)

    1. the upper class, yes. that’s exactly what I thought when I read it. I’m hoping he’s going to use all fair trade ingredients in those cakes (and fair trade tea too) so that everyone the world round can afford to take a break… still wouldn’t be able to afford tea and cake on a “fair trade” paycheck.

  2. I’d second your view on the cars, sounds great!

    And while we are going for optimism, solving the world’s crisis by tea and cake sounds marvellous. It really does.

    I am big fan of tea and when I sit down to a nice cup of tea after a stressful happening I always, without fail say “ah tea”, and its not deliberate, it just slips out!


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