(Almost) A Dream Come True

Ah, holidays. No working means no driving to work. No driving to work means no cars on the road! What an incredibly lovely walk I had this morning! Not exactly through lanes of gardens and fruit trees, but hey, at least the copious cars lining the street were still and silent. I could hear the squirrels in the trees, my feet scuffing the pavement, the distant roar of… oh, some ginormous machinery. Well, you can’t win ’em all.

Speaking of cars, Tuesday we suddenly realized that Hubby was getting 3 days off from school, which means a 5 day weekend. We quick ditched the Thanksgiving at home and hatched the idea for a road trip! since we’ve seen nothing but ‘Nawlins since we got here. I spent much of day 1 at the garden, finishing up the damned weeding, but today we’ll either be heading to some swamp, or some beach. Maybe some both.

I’ll be sad to give up a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Like any other foodie, T-day is almost my favorite holiday (after Halloween– I do adore a costume opp). It’s not just all about food, it is (or once was) a celebration of harvest, of local, of seasonal plenty. And furthermore about coming together as a community to share what we have. It might have some fucked up origin, I’m not sure. But the story could be true. There might have been a batch of pilgrims humble enough to learn from and share with the natives. And if there was, that’s certainly cause for historical celebration!

Since I had already ordered a free range turkey from Whole Foods, we’ll just be having our Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday. Until then we’ll be eating bread and cheese on some cold, windy beach. Or, more likely I have to remind myself, shlepping it up at some greasy spoon by the golf course. What is it about golf that makes it deserving of a foothold in every beautiful place?

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “(Almost) A Dream Come True

  1. I thought I just meet Dharma from the TV show. You so remind me of me when my kids were young … feels like another time. You need a followers thingy.

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