DIY Crafting Vacation

We’re going to spend three weeks with Hubby’s folks for xmas, in Spokane WA. They have offered us a three week vacation from (a lot of the work of) parenting. Now, me and The Mother In Law get along shockingly well. But, three weeks in anyone else’s house is rough. She says, kindly, “You won’t have to clean or cook or anything. Just relax. Read. Nap. Or whatever.”

Too bad. That’s just not me. Reading is great, and I will doubtlessly enjoy a few days with some good book. But I ain’t gonna lay up with no three weeks worth of reading! Especially not when I’m finally getting my feet back under me (metaphorically) after pregnancy/birth.

Uh uh. Nope. I got me an Idear. I’m gonna make myself a Craft Vacation! All the dreamy things on my sidebar list, that I’d just never get the time/energy for with Toddler and Babe hangin’ off my person, I’m gonna do ’em!

So, here’s what I got so far:
-Soap. Bar, liquid, and laundry.
-Bees-waxed cloth kitchen bags, to replace all the stupid ziplocks I’ve had just about enough of.
-Next size up of terry cloth diapers for the Babe.

Any other ideas for fun, useful crafty projects? If you were taking a crafting vacation, what would you want to learn?

3 thoughts on “DIY Crafting Vacation

  1. I’d love to learn quilting, I’ve just completed my quilted Santa wall hanging which is about to debut on DTE! And I’ve really enjoyed it, I think I have been bitten by the quilting bug!

  2. Would totally be interested in your projects/recipes for all three of those projects!

    Also, in my spare time I try and get some knitting/crochet done.. as my little one likes mangling my yarn…

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