Dear Readers

Just wanted to say a thank you to all of you for reading, and especially for commenting. When you write a blog, you can track your stats obsessively, but there’s no way to know how many of the “views” were actual reads. Writing a blog is kind of like shouting into a black hole. It can be kind of lonesome sometimes. It’s always good to hear other voices talkin’ back atcha from out there in the ethernet.

If you’re a regular here, please leave a comment with just a sentence or two about yourself, so I know who all’s out there and what you’re into!

Thanks again, friends!

9 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Hi

    Just to let you know that I have recently be introduced to your blog via somewhere else that I forget now (I find the internet is like that – one thing leads to another!).

    I love it and will read it frequently, but probably won’t comment often. Just wanted to reassure you that you aren’t shouting into a black hole – there are people all the way over in the south of England hearing you!


  2. I come cos it’s a great read, but you did scare me with the budget post! I came over all unnecessary it’s too scary seeing outgoings writeen down, I think I might fair swoon if I wrote mine down! I’m Sue, married to Joe with a 17yr old son, Michael. We’ve lived in NZ for nearly 6 yrs having escaped the UK. We live on an 8 acre lifestlyblock(smallholding) We breed dexter cows, boers goats and kune kune pigs. We raise pretty much all our own meat and have chooks for eggs. We have a veggie garden that is almost providing all our veg. We also have a heap of fruit trees. In fact we really are living the good life!

  3. You don’t have to worry about views not materializing into reads. Your blog is addictive – nobody is going to quit halfway. I have been sharing your work with several folks and all are enjoying it tremendously.
    Have you read Heather Lende’s work? Your writing is similar in that you take everyday mundane happenings and turn them into events worth celebrating.

  4. Comment ; )

    j/k In my current place of residence I’ve been reluctant to find friends and do things that I know I should… although, personally, I don’t know you, it’s nice to see someone in a situation parallel mine. We don’t share the same background, but we seem to share the same ideas, ideals.. oh, and we both have (or will soon have) two kids, about the same age apart. It’s like I have a friend… that sounds kind of sad, huh? lol Eh, you have given me some inspiration, and I thank you for that…

    Keep on blogging

  5. I know what you mean. I think comments are kind of like a payment for your writing. It shows that it’s not just out there floating in the ether, that there are real people reading your words and you are making connections.

  6. I’m reading alright….couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to.

    A middle-aged Grandma in Western Australia, busy at Down to Earth forums too.

    Keep going Gal!

    coffeee @ DTE

  7. Hey Calamity! So good to have found you blogging again! Always a good read. Many congrats on all levels coming your way! I’m also spreading your site around, have it tied into my blogs, and will be here often.

    Lots of love, Ade

  8. Hi Calamity,
    I am a graduate student in women’s studies and am recently thinking of re-claiming the housewife. I am struggling between my studies and my family life and not sure if I want to enter into the workplace after getting my degree. I am a overseas reader in Asia (Taiwan). Reading your blog makes me not alone.

  9. Hi gal, Having a wonderful read and visit with you today. The house smells like turkey soup cooking on the heating stove and cheese bread in the bread machine…alas not in the stove. It is dark here in Alaska and I am thinking good thoughts about you and your adventures in the treehouse. Remember when you came over and got bear meat from us, left and we got you to come back to process another bear…and then there is the hole in our rug from Jerm putting the wok on the rug and cleaning up his messes…thanks for the memories. Alaskamarge

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