Root of All Evil, November

Yes, I have continued with the receipt saving from last month. The grocery total is pretty similar, but the “Stuff” category is a whopper, and then, of course, our little Beach Vacation really burned up some cash, almost 100 buckaroos per day. Yikes! Although, when you count last months bike splurge, the out-of-pocket totals are shockingly similar, only $24 off.

Please refer to last month’s inaugural Budgeting post for an explanation of the Hubby Factor, ie: why the below totals do not reflect our true family totals.

November Out of Pocket

  • groceries– $382
  • eating out + food treats– $177
  • gas (not counting road trip)– $30
  • entertainment– $19
  • road trip– $366
  • stuff– $385

Total Out of Pocket– $1,359

**stuff includes

  • $50 toilet sprayer for washing diapers
  • $55 cloth diapers for toddler
  • $28 canning jars
  • $110 thrift store cold weather clothes + household
  • $31 stereo so I can have music while I wash dishes!
  • $25 camera batteries
  • the remaining $86 is just misc small stuff– tools, diapers (we use disposables at night) and household stuff


  • rent $1175
  • phones $110
  • internet $48
  • water/trash $44
  • recycling $15
  • gas/electric $92

Total bills– $1,484

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