Day 7: Yarn Addiction

During the course of some errands yesterday, we went to a yarn store so I could stock up for some holiday weaving. All the relatives start arriving tonight, so I wanted to be well set for sitting around weaving while everyone’s gabbing.

The store we went to had a ginormous room of yarn. Holy Shicksa, could I go broke with this new fiber habit. Of course there is reasonably priced wool yarn, but all the too die for soft as feathers, gorgeous nubby hand woven textures and too die for glowing colors of the expensive yarns make it impossible to see those reasonably priced wall flowers. Since the MIL already had a nice fat bag of knitting leftovers, I was just looking to fill a couple of niches, so managed to escape with only $45 worth of yarn. But only after more than an hour of wide eyed, drool dripping, complete overwhelmedness trying to pull myself together enough to choose.

I’m so, so, so sorry not to have photos for you. In addition to my general tech-phobia, I forgot the damned camera cord, so I can’t post any photos till after Hubby arrives, assuming he remembers to bring it for me… Plus, did I mention the Christmas Family Histeria starts tonight. It might be too anti-social of me to sequester with the computer for a few days. To hold you over, here’s some eye candy I found from O Ecotextiles. Yummie!

I’ve strung up my loom and started on another little girl scarf, it’s weaving up quick, and looks a treat. Peacock blue with multi-colored polka dots. For any readers out there curious, I’ll share that so far I’m quite pleased with my decision to get the small size (12 inch weaving width) “Knitter’s” loom. Even the 14 incher looked a lot more imposing. This little one I can use wherever, sitting at the dinner table, on the couch, anywhere. And someone can still sit next to me. Especially for someone with little kiddos, who’s not likely to get much devoted weaving time, I’d really recommend a 12 inch loom. Here’s a great little promo for the Knitter’s Loom. And here’s a photo I scavenged off Thread, String and the Rest of It. This scarf looks shockingly like my first one.

4 thoughts on “Day 7: Yarn Addiction

  1. Well, you’ve got me drooling now…
    Wonderful reading of your fiber explores and with writing skills as strong as yours… who needs a camera?

    Hope H. brings the cord nonetheless. Thanks for the season’s cheer m’dear.

  2. I haven’t seen your blog before, but there it was on Rhonda’s sidebar , sothought I’d have a look. Pleased I did, I’ve been thinking about getting a loom, but just didn’t know where to start, they all looked daunting!

    Now, from reading about your experience, I’m going to find myself a 12″ and get started…..thanks

  3. Lol. I know what you mean about a yarn addiction.. I have so much yarn.. and a lot of it is the good stuff.. problem is (like in your more recent post) I have this (sometimes) paralizing fear of failure too.. plus sometimes a very short attention span (or in some cases, I have an episode very similar to your “meltdown”.. I think ; )

    I hope you’re enjoying your holidays (and I’m glad you haven’t blown up your loom yet..)

    [I’ve got some crafts done too!! woot!!)

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