Home at Last

Ahhh… And there’s nothing like it.

Home where I can relax on my own porch, home where I can cook whatever I want for dinner, home where I can walk to the corner lemon tree to pick up the windblowns.

And my soap is hardening nicely, by the way. I really need to read more about the science of soap. Is it curing or just drying? I tried grating a little into my dishwater yesterday and could definitely feel the lye. So I hope it’s still working it’s mystery magic.

I have lots of stuff on my Home at Last to-do list. First off, finish unpacking. The last person to leave this house was a law student, hours after his last final, so as you might imagine, it wasn’t in the cleanest of conditions. I spent yesterday cleaning, still more to do. Hopefully today I will get to the unpacking. Because as you might have gathered we brought back three extra totes of Stuff from the In-Laws.

So. Finally! Here’s the photos I was taking for you all along, of my Crafting Vacation, but just couldn’t get onto the computer. If I have the hutzpah, I’ll put these all into the individual posts as well. But here they are in one place, enjoy!

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