Freezing Our Asses Off

Yes, we are. In New Orleans. It just doesn’t seem fair. Apparently it’s an epic cold snap. Tropical plants everywhere are fallen like cards. Pipes are freezing. People huddle around space heaters in their ridiculously inadequate houses.

In fact I’m colder here now than I’ve ever been, inside my own home, in Alaska. (Well, except maybe for the tipi days. Those were some cold ones.) These people just did not build their houses to deal with the 21 degrees we’re getting. I guess it’s pretty rare. But I am nevertheless completely appalled.

Some of the things, like the 12 foot ceiling, are good for hot weather, and hey, that’s ok. Makes sense. No problem. But the goddamn gigantic holes and cracks everywhere in this house that the cold air blows through like a funnel, are just as stupid in hot weather. Get it together! If we are going to stay in this house for the whole three years, and I think we are, I’m going to have to do something about it. Give me some weatherstripping and stand back baby!

2 thoughts on “Freezing Our Asses Off

  1. I don’t know how to break this to you, Calamity, but it is a balmy 45 degrees here on Prince of Wales – absolutely beautiful!
    We are enjoying your blog immensely.

  2. I moved here to the desert (El Paso, Texas) from the midwest U.S. where it often snowed & had icy weather.

    It’s amazing to me how quickly we adapted to the warm weather. Now, when it’s a mere 30 degrees, we think we’re about to freeze to death. If there’s more than a couple of snowflakes, schools close!

    I love the warm weather of our autumns, springs, & winters….and adore the HOT weather in the summer. Nice and dry. Exactly opposite of your very muggy humid New Orleans.

    So have you learned to cook Creole or Cajun yet?

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