I Heart Coffee

Dear god is that some divine elixir.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet my daughter’s Night Waking. Yes, those words deserve to be capitalized. I don’t mean she wakes and cries out, needs comforting, then goes back to sleep (though she does that plenty too). No, I mean she sometimes wakes up in the night, as in completely awake, good morning, what’s for breakfast. When she does this, at least, she is usually in a good mood. But she does not want to lay all alone in her bed. Oh no.

Her Night Waking goes in phases. She’ll sleep fine for months, then have a bout of it that just about kills us. Because, oh, did I mention? When she does wake up in the night, she’s awake for a minimum of two but more typically three hours.

When she was a baby, we thought reassuringly, well, she’ll grow out of it. Then more recently I thought, well, it’s cuz she doesn’t know how to put herself to sleep (after weaning, Hubby would always walk or rock her to sleep, a source of some amount of angst on my part, which has just since late December resolved, and is an entire other story).

At any rate. I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that she suffers from at least some form of insomnia. Not surprising really since I did as well, up until age 24 when devastating heartbreak miraculously and unexpectedly cured me. Hopefully she won’t be cured by heartbreak any time soon!

And what does this have to do with coffee? Do I need to explain?

The Babe, having the better justification of being 3 months old, is no champ sleeper either and has been plaguing me with the Human Pacifier Effect from about midnight on of late. Last night, round about 4 AM, I can tell you that no one in our house was sleeping.

And so, that I could re-wake this morning at 7 am, on a mere 5 hours of sleep (in two separate and frequently interrupted portions mind you) and still have reasonable hope for my day and the world, is due entirely to my top favorite drug of choice, caffeine. Or, more accurately coffee, since I feel that there’s something else in coffee, some other drug as well. No amount of strong black tea has ever given me the rosy, hopeful, rising energy of coffee.

I’ll take that fair trade, freshly roasted, freshly ground, brewed in a stovetop espresso maker to americano strength, with a heavy hand of organic half and half, please.

Good morning!

One thought on “I Heart Coffee

  1. Oh CJ, I hear you, I hear you loud and clear. I drank coffee too. Lots and lots of coffee. Turned out my son was more than likely getting some of the chemicals in his breast milk. But anyway, now we’re in the same position as you – our dear Ethan has these amazing periods of awakeness. Yesterday he woke at 4am. This morning 3am. Luckily, after a couple hours he fell asleep this morning, so I got a half hour before the baby woke up!

    I hope you can smile through this and know that there are others that are enduring it too!

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