Howdy gang.

Here’s a thought. A few of you had asked about a Follower thingy, like Blogger has. Unfortunately, WordPress ain’t got the goods, in that regard. But it occured to me that we could start a little Apronstringers Flickr group. Then everyone could post photos of themselves and whatever projects they had going on, or whatever. Also we could chat each other up. All in a more private setting (it would be by invitation only, ie: anyone who has commented here in the past, or who wrote me a little intro email could join).

You would have to join Flickr, which means you have to join Yahoo, unless you already have a Yahoo email. But then once you do, it’s easy to post photos up from your computer.

If this sounds groovy to you, leave a comment here. If there’s enough interest, I’ll get her going!

6 thoughts on “Groupies

  1. Hell, I’m a groupie!!! Count me in, I could use a little help finding other mummy freaks like me!!! (a lil yodel out there if your neighbours think you’re weird!)

    1. yodel-ay-hee-hoo. had to quick run out to the back yard last night to nab the diaper drying rack out from our neighbor’s side of the yard, where i had put it earlier ‘cuz that’s where the sun was, and i thought he was out of town another two days…. hehe!

  2. hi!
    been reading for a while and thought i should say hi! Im a new mommy of a 5 month old little girl. I have an um…..”cuddly attached” kind of a baby so do a lot of blog reading while she is nursing and napping! I have loved many of your posts especially the mamma ones! Im definately into finding other mammas out there. So here goes… my name is kelsey… can i be your friend??????!

    1. howdy kelsey, i’m nursing right now! even though i know i’m promoting “nursing every time he wakes up” behavior, it’s the only way i can get a moment!

  3. Anothe shameless stalker here. But um, I just added Calamity Jane to my blogger follow function by copying and pasting the url and it works fine. *shrug*

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