I’ve got lots to say, several posts in the draft box, photos like crazy.

But here’s just a quick note to say that I got to (more or less) fill my tank last night, and am subsequently feeling much better. Thanks for all your sympathetic comments.

Yesterday was a real low point. A back to bed and pull the covers over my head, fuck the world, I suck, kind of day. One of my epiphanies was that as much as this little bloggeroo is saving my ass, I need to set some limits on myself in the computer dept. My beloved first born has started whining “I want to watch a movie” for every problem she has, and it seriously disturbs me. I know she’s just picking it right up off me, who is sitting unresponsive at the computer for hours of every day. Oh my god, I can barely admit that. I want to lie about it, but I won’t.

In addition to the fact that my babies’ beautiful, irretrievable months are slipping by. So I’ll probably be posting less frequently.

Here’s to you and your real life!


3 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Don’t miss it, Jane or let it pass you, (and subsequently them), by. You’ve been wanting your apron strings tied to the wee buggars for nearly as long as I’ve known you, which is a long time!.
    It’s truly a blink before they’re off and away. You used to wonder why many of my dream projects were held for the majority of two decades. I don’t regret it for a heartbeat.

    The blogsphere will be here after.

    Getting small, (nods to Steve Martin), is so much more real with short people!

  2. Just read your last three posts. Been there. Been sobbing on the floor besides my son’s cot. He’s five now and she’s two and a half and about every second day I sleep for 8 blessed hours solid. But it only takes one night of tummybug/teething/bad dreams to bring it all back.

    I’ve set myself a timer on my computer for 15 minutes and when it goes off I get off my arse and do something else ’cause yip, you can get addicted and before you know it the day has gone by and you ain’t spoken to your kids or done any chores. So, with you on that one.

  3. Take care, and try not to cut out too much of the things that allows you to keep your sanity!

    (PS.. tell you little one the TV is broken.. or at least indicate it/unplug it… that works with me…)

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