Inaugural No-Frills Wrap Up

Thanks for all those great comments, it’s good to feel like you’ve got company when the going gets crazy. Oh how our ‘close the door, mama’s screaming’ society does us a disservice! If only we really knew how mundanely normal our angst was!

Alrighty. Back to our regularly scheduled program. Or something like it.

You may remember my No-Frills Five wimpy ass challenge ended Friday. And how was it, you might inquire? Well, interesting… Being so wimpy, it was pretty darn easy. Only really noticed it a few times. But the times I did were illuminating. There were three separate times I would otherwise have considered walking to our adorable local bakery for treats. Each time, there was something going haywire and I was thinking to “fix” it by buying treats. Hmmm. One of those times there was supposed to be a parade a few blocks over (we live in New Orleans, remember? Parades are very big here), I got the kiddos all dressed up and ready to go (and you know what that entails) and we walked over and hung around for 15 minutes before we finally found out it had been cancelled because of weather. Here is where I totally would have taken my sweet little girl, all dressed in her cherry red rain slicker and paper crown and ready for a parade, out for a cupcake. That option not available, I finally coerced her into going home and we made our own damn parade in the living room with all her stuffed animals and dolls and toy instruments.

So, although it wasn’t a very difficult challenge, I’d say it was worthwhile. And I suspect that, like carrying a 5 gallon bucket of water some distance, it might get heavier the farther I go. In other words, the regularity of it (once/month) might make it even more worthwhile over time. 5 days out of 30 is one sixth of my days, and that could add up to being significant.

Here is where I started to move on to the related topic of computer rules, but I’ve decided to save it for another post, because, hark, I hear my beloved Toddler waking up!

One thought on “Inaugural No-Frills Wrap Up

  1. The marching brigade, drumming with the pots, pans and wooden spoons; dressed to the gills. High Ho!!

    I’ll be watching for your computer rules, something I need to develop too in this housebound environment of ours.

    Schist, it’s all a work in progress, isn’t it? My love your way!

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