Fear Not, Kind Readers

I got an email from a friend saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘What the hell? Where are you? Why did you suddenly drop of the face of the earth? And, are you okay?’

I’m fine. All good here. My sister is visiting! I was going to post a Blog Recession Warning, but I ran out of time. As you may remember my main and often only chance to write is in the wee AM hours. Which depends on the Babe waking early. And the Toddler not waking early. So if you don’t hear from me, it could either mean I’m going crazy or sleeping late (7 AM). Recently, it’s been the latter (though, some of the former thrown in as well).

This morning when the Babe woke at 5:45, I felt the “ugh,” but also a twinge of happy that I’d probably get some writing in. This blog has finally convinced me that I am a Writer. People had been trying to tell me for years, but I was stubborn. And my realization has not come because I think my writing has improved or even as any reflection at all on my writing. I have come to terms with the fact of myself as a Writer because I have discovered my need to write, to express myself through words. Writing smooths the wrinkles in my brain. It’s my tall drink of water.


So, although I might suffer hiatuses, you will not be losing me. Not so long as I’ve got c.r.a.z.y messing around in my brain, looking for a way out.

And a little postscript for those of you who know me: My sister is the only other person I know who will geek out on my level with costume making, and we are going all out together for Mardi Gras. She brought two huge boxes of costuming supplies, including the hot pink fish nets I will be using in my costume. Last night I started sewing cheap strands of beads onto an old tank top. We spent $25 each on mask making supplies. I’m in heaven.

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