More Hilarious Search Terms

I did a post a while back about search terms people had found my blog through.

I just have to share a few of the recents with you, again, because Holy Christ, who types this shit into a search engine?

I can’t help but put the best first.

“by the time you read this you could have got me a beer”

Second place goes to

“mardi gras tities” who left unsated, and hopefully went to find a dictionary.

I am fairly disturbed that “apron strings fuck” found me. And I hope they didn’t stick around long.

Perhaps they left with “pulling your own stringz”

Maybe I really do need to clean up my language….

“garbage the revolution starts at home” led me to the documentary of the same name. Oh no, my tagline is already taken? What will I do when I publish my book?

I got yet another “weeds screaming” which I find strange and fascinating.

And hopefully “diaper shit spray in face” found good company. Maybe she’s still around.

Lots of feminism and homemaking/housewifery. So, it ain’t all bad.

2 thoughts on “More Hilarious Search Terms

  1. I love to look at the strange search terms people use, too. I have nothing good this month, but have had some very strange ones in the past.

    Thanks for the tip about the self-watering containers. That’s a great idea. I’d been pondering the water issue…

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