‘Things In General’ Update

We just got back from our little road trip, cut a day short by a flu bug. My Man got it yesterday, and was puking out the tent door. Never fun.

I’ve been meaning for awhile to institute weekly, or at least regular, updates on Things In General. I get all lost in my over-thought subject posts, and forget to let you all know what I’m up to and how I am. I used to fantasize about writing to enrich the world with my hard-won (half)knowledge. But I have come to terms with the fact that there are plenty of other places in this enormous blog-o-sphere to get better directions on making your own soap, bread and yogurt. The only unique thing I have to offer the world is my own unique self. And while y’all might be interested in my soap making adventures, I suspect you come back because of my winning personality and stunning social graces.

Errr… Because you are curious about what hilarity The Toddler is creating in the other room as I write?


Ok then, let me share with you the first day of our (3 day) road trip. After a morning of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to pack for a three night camping trip with a two year old and a six month old, we finally made it into the car. But then, of course, came the stops. The grocery store for a few last items. The smoke shop for My Man. The gas station to tank up. Finally, ready to roll. Except how do we get OUT of this god-forsaken city?!

Then, the driving at high speeds, the confusing signage, the wrong turns, the swearing.

Finally, on the freeway, heading north. The Toddler says,

“My belly hurts.”

A minute later, and a bit more urgency, “My belly hurts.”

Another minute. In the front seat there is much pointed ignoring of the gathering information.

“My belly hurts!”


I managed to get a cup under the flow in time to catch the last of it. But the first of it went– oh you parents out there, you know where.

How in the hell are you supposed to clean car seats anyway?

So we are on the side of the freeway for some 15 or 20 minutes, while I try to clean the puke out of the nooks and crannies of the relevant buckles and straps. Because nothing makes you want to puke like the smell of puke, am I right?

Almost two hours after leaving the house, we are finally on our way.

Homochitto National Forest, in Mississippi. An old campground in the woods, on a swampy lake. Great combination of nature and man made. Pure pleasant. Warm sun through the trees, nice breezes, no bugs miraculously. We lolled.

I played with fire in my twig stove and read Radical Homemakers with gusto, every chance I could get. She is a little over the top defensively researched, sometimes it reads a bit like a dissertation, but the stuff she’s talking about is fantastic. Unsaid, and really needs saying. And it must be scary to put yourself out there like she has, breaking taboos and stuff. I can see why she’d want to have a heap of backup. But it is sad that she has to use what I consider the male system of facts, figures, clinical research and statistics to defend what I consider the female system of intuitive care and nurture.

I’ll post more about the book soon. Promise. My head is literally swimming with thoughts on it. But back to my week in review!

Unfortunately My Man, who did not fare so well as the Toddler with her singular puking episode, could not much enjoy the third day out. So, we came home early. I spent Wednesday unpacking and cleaning. Yesterday gave My Man a day of his own, and today is my very own. Supposedly. You know, as much as a nursing mama can hope for.

And as much as the wife of a night owl/late sleeper can hope for…. He did manage to pull himself up by 8:45, which is really great. And I split ASAP, to my fave coffee joint for some writing.

Next on the agenda, transplant my starts, which are all big and ready, to my community garden plot! Which is sure to make me very happy.

And that’ll probably be as far as I get.

…But if I did have any more time, I’d weave a little. Because yes, I did finally re-warp my loom last week, after yet another ripping out of a project that wasn’t working and I swear I will not try to use a shaggy warp again! Really, I promise. Okay, fine. Actually, I restrung it with a shaggy warp. But! I’m following a pattern this time. The warp is shaggy and sticky, but skinny and far spaced. And the weave is super loose. It’s meant to look lacey. The yarn is one of those super divine luxury yarns, mohair and silk, expensive, but at such a light weave, not bad for the overall project.

8 thoughts on “‘Things In General’ Update

  1. Just read Radical Homemakers and that’s actually how I found you, I googled “radical homemakers” and came up with you :) You are deliciously mad and I’m glad to see I’m not the only radical homemaker out there :)

    Please do post your thoughts on the book! I loved it!

  2. The best way to clean the car seat is to pull it out completely & hose all of the parts with a high pressure hose. Some parts of the cover may be able to go through a washing machine (some of mine do & some don’t). If you are scrubbing by hand, using soda water & bicarb helps. Even flat soda water.

    Can you tell I have a 3.5 year old who gets travel sick? I’ve had to clean the car seats many times, and that’s not including an gastro incidents with her & the older children. Luckily she is now old enough to recognise that she feels sick & can use a sick bag.

    Hope all of your family recover quickly.

  3. Hmmm, just like how do you start cleaning up after your 10 month old power pukes down your front and his while you’re holding him? No other adult around, puke gunged into your cleavage, your bra, your belt, your fly, his buttons on jumpsuit…..and him squalling loudly at the indignity of it all. In the end it was a fully clothed shower for both of us! That memory has stuck around vividly for 5 years.

  4. ah CJ, so good to see you back. Now go away again and have some fun with the kiddo’s and report back in a week!!! (just kiddin luv, but do take it easy ay?!)

  5. Hi- so, you wrote this post something nigh on two years ago, but since re-(I think I stumbled onto you once long ago and ignores you… Lol) finding you and realizing that you’re a) Alaskan b) a weaver and c) all round radically righteous homesteadly mama I started reading your back posts… And was gonna shyly make an official kinda introduction. But then you started talking mohair warps.
    Dent wider. You’re doing that already.
    Warp back to front. Seriously. Then you only pull maybe 18 inches through the heddles. Not your whole damn warp!
    Wind onto the beam with a layer of paper between te layers of warp. Make a long skinny peice o paper. Butcher paper. Tape together paper bags. Or overlap. Don’t HAVE to tape. Tuck it into the crevice between beamed warp on beam and approaching warp to be wound on when it’s gonna first overlay itself. Then keep winding and it feeds itself and stays between layers. This can be crucial for tensioning a long warp if your beam ain’t sectional, but it’s usually not necessary for a scarf. But it’ll sure keep stickiness at bay.

    And then! Take plastic drinking straws. Cut into inch? Two inch? Depends on the size of your loom- sections. And thread these bits of straw onto your warp threads every other thread between the reed and heddles. That way every time you change a shed you end up with sticky mohair gorgeousness rubbing up against smooth plastic. NOT another strand of sticky mohair gorgeousness.

    And um, hi. I think I have a blog crush on you ;-). I’m in Fairbanks (but spent five youngling years following my mother around the first organic csa in Alabama and playing in the dirt).

    1. hello new friend! Our first babe was born in Fairbanks, in a one room (dry of course) cabin on Happy Road. we live in Cordova but came up there to take advantage of the wonderful midwives.
      i’m sorry but i’m not a real weaver and didn’t understand half of what you said. my loom is still strung with that same mohair, half woven, hanging on the wall like a piece of art, practically untouched since i wrote this post. boo hoo. i either have to give up mothering or blogging to have time to weave. what you do all three? damn you.
      i’m off to check out your blog.

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