Happy 33rd to Me

Surely there’s some magic in the age of 33. What number could be more potent? Not just one lucky three, but two! A perfect (if rounded to the nearest whole number) third of a century. Plus, you all know what 3 x 3 equals, and you all know what that means. Ah yes, the mystic number nine. Google it if you’re confused.

So. Here I am. 33. Feels a lot like 32.

Plans for the day include the farmer’s market, playing in the garden, and dinner at a Tunisian restaurant.

For some years running I have devoted days prior my birthday to preparing a ridiculously lavish feast of Moroccan food for my dearest friends. It’s a great tradition. Other folks tend to think it’s weird to spend days cooking my own birthday dinner, without any help (people offer, I refuse). But the truth is, I would consider it too decadent to spend that much money and time on a single meal any other day of the year. I love the opportunity to totally geek out on food for a few days and cook things completely outside of the everyday-dinner routine. And I love the excessive praise from my friends, who end up strewn about the floor in a blissed-out food coma afterwards.

But here, all our friends have kids. My birthday dinner was a grown-up event that fit one toddler in just fine, but would not remotely go with a pack of ’em. Plus here there is the option of going out to a fantastic ethnic restaurant, which our Cordova home didn’t have.

So, that’s the plan. With, as I mentioned, some mud-pie-play first. A perfect day for me.

14 thoughts on “Happy 33rd to Me

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just got “The New Book of Middle Eastern Food” by Claudia Roden for my birthday from my dad and can’t wait to start cooking out of it. Also got some preserved lemons over the weekend, that I’ll apparently need for some of this middle eastern cooking adventures. Ever used preserved lemons?

    1. i have that book, and love it. i think it’s very traditional. no pretty pictures, but all the recipes i’ve tried are fantastic. it’s my bible for birthday cooking!

  2. Happy Birthday CJ!! Enjoy your dinner, sounds good to me. I love ethnic food of all types. In fact…I think I love food, full stop.

  3. Hmmm…I was wondering the about the magic of 33, when I blew out the same number of candles a few weeks ago! Happy birthday- I hope for both of us that it’s a fantastic year. Cheers!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I always think of my mother on my birthday and thank her for doing the hard work birthing so I could celebrate ;)

    Enjoy your mudpies and birthday feast.

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like the perfect day. I will be turning 33 this year as well and have told my husband I would like 3 days of festivities- it seems only fitting…
    Enjoy every morsel of that Tunisian food.

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day! 11th May is my birthday too…. I went a favourite old town near here with my friend and my 3 year old and wandered round, drank coffee, ate french pastries. Pretending we are ladies that lunch.

  7. yay! happy mama’s day *and* b-day, you sassy fabulous woman. i, too, rejoice in the whole numbers thing – my bday is 327, the BEST NUMBER EVER for many reasons.
    ooh, 33.
    hope it’s a year of clarity, joy, growth and lots of yummy moments.
    much love.

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