Hope and Hopelessness

I just have to share an incredible quote I found at Old Recipe for a New World, by her Man who is a teacher, addressing his graduating class. This quote hit me like a falling piano. It was so on point with the Kid Post, and my hope/hopelessness for the world. It states so perfectly, and even gives me a better understanding of what I was trying to say. Don’t be surprised if this shows up soon in my sidebar.

Thank you to the great teachers of the world.

“…If you should despair about the hopelessness of the world, remember: the smallest steps you take may not solve the problem, but they will solve your hopelessness.”

8 thoughts on “Hope and Hopelessness

  1. oh my…thank you. On a day where we are preparing our suburban garden to take on fruit trees and some vegie seedlings, where I’m told I am not making any difference ‘on my own’, that has really hit the mark today.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this quote: and Kylie you are not alone, you are in company with so many of us who are all doing a little bit, a little planting here, hanging the clothes there, individually it may not seem like much but in aggregate? We’re really doing something!

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