Heat Index– 106 degrees

Oh yeah, baby. You read that right. The actual temperature is a mere 90.8, but the ‘heat index’ takes humidity into account, the way that ‘wind chill’ takes wind into account. And you Alaskans know how true that difference is.

I feel I’ve really turned a corner with the heat though. It happened last weekend when I was sweating buckets in my garden at zenith. Or, at least that’s when I first noticed it. It’s not that I wasn’t hot. It’s not that the heat wasn’t uncomfortable. It’s just that I was okay with it.

I guess it’s true with cold too, and really maybe with everything in life. So much of our discomfort is caused by our struggle against. Just let go. Man. Surrender into.

I am actually terribly proud of this new achievement, because I had had the real Bad Attitude last fall when I was, granted, 8 months pregnant. Then again as the heat crept up this spring, I had almost a panicky fear. I was already so hot and uncomfortable at 75. Would I be able to get used to 95 I wondered.

But now I see. It’s not that you get used to it. You just let go into it. And then even though you are hot, at least you’re not hot and thinking an endless stream of ‘fuckfuckfuck, it’s too hot, fuck, I’m gonna die.’ Which really makes life a lot easier.

So here I am, mid-day. Drinking an iced espresso con crema, in just my bra and underwear, no AC, feeling ok.

Let go, free your mind, and free your soul.


5 thoughts on “Heat Index– 106 degrees

  1. You’ve got it kid! Bako was an education extraordinaire! Two years of watching my desert tortoise Ma, a forty year vet of San Joaquin heat without AC cruise, bed-bound! Stunning!

    Let go ~ Relax into. Well put!

  2. I can understand what you mean about the heat and getting used to it. We are from NE Washington state, moved south @ 10 years ago. I went to Spokane to be with my daughter after her daughter was born, the first week of December and nearly died from the cold! omg and ice and snow….bring me back south please! Actually, I am glad you are assimilating to it. You might find when you get to Cordova that you need a sweater, lol! Thanks for making me feel cooler here in Texas, Elaine

  3. I know exactly what you mean about learning to be OK with the heat. It is a kind of freedom. We have the kind of heat, here too, that requires surrender or endless suffering. Once I learned to surrender, everything was easier.

  4. That’s so ace!

    I moved from a rather warm part of Australia to a really cold part a few years ago. I spent the first winter crying and being miserable. It took time but now I just rug up and get on with it.

    Your post about being so hot did make my southern hemishperian self jealous just a little though :)

  5. That’s a riot. Especially your “endless stream.” Spot on.

    And so well-timed. Was away almost 2 weeks, and it HAD been highs in the 50s, 60s, maybe super-low 70s, then I get back and the grass is blonding out, becoming pokey (ow), and it’s 94 degrees?!? I freaked.

    You are right. Dig out your thin, cotton clothes, make some lemonade, and relax. Drink water and calm down. Maybe I need to get a few thin cotton dresses I can garden/clean/work in that are super washable.

    THANKS for your post. I needed that. =)

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