Who Is Calamity Jane?

It occurred to me the other day that perhaps not all of you know who Calamity Jane is, or was.

Must remedy.

Calamity Jane is a legendary American character– cowgirl, rough rider, sharp shooter, rowdy maker and, possibly primarily, epic storyteller. It’s not known actually how much of her wild reputation was in fact pure bunk. Little of it was ever substantiated.

Suffice it to say, she was not your typical 19th century woman.

I myself was christened Calamity Jane by a co-worker back when I bought my first very own rifle. The name stuck by pen only because in fact to know me is to know I am decidedly not a rough rider, sharp shooter or even rowdy maker. But I always wished I was those things, or at least contained the spirit of rambunctious adventure implicit in the name. What I have left of the Calamity character is the storyteller, because of which I can be whoever I say I am.

Calamity Jane. Cowgirl, renegade, cookie baker. Guess which one is actually true.

Calamity in the kitchen. Note cigar.

4 thoughts on “Who Is Calamity Jane?

  1. planin’, boating, road trippin’ and camping solo w/ 2 diapered children is nothing to sneeze at CJ! pretty sure that covers the epic CJ skillset!!

  2. well al I know of the CJ character is from the show Deadwood, and she frikkin rocked in that story. I loved her, and her spunk in a time when women were still meant to swoon and faint and be bloody useless fear that they insult some bloke who couldn’t carry as much firewood as them.

    I think there’s a bit of CJ in all us revolutionary homemakers, tbh, because none of us follow the line, and we all accept each other regardless.

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