Whole Wheat Pasta Rises from the Grave

If you, like I had, have given up on whole wheat pasta thinking it’s all mushy and repulsive, and ain’t never no brand gonna be good, take heart! There are good brands of 100% whole wheat pasta in the world! It’s true! Really, really, I’m not even pulling your leg.

There’s not many, but I’ve found two good brands. Not as good as the best white pasta, but very good. Good enough that if no one told you, I bet you wouldn’t notice. One is by Bella Terra, the first time I tried it, on a whim since I had given up all hope remember, I was shocked. I kept looking back at the bag, scouring it’s fine print. It said 100% whole wheat, but could there be a trick? Apparently, no trick. It’s organic even, and runs about $1.85 for a 12 oz package from their online store (no, I’m not getting paid in pasta for this, though I ought to be). Pretty good deal, even with shipping, unless you live in Cordova, and stupidly enlist someone who’s coming to visit from “down south” to bring it up for you, and when they forget, have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping anyway, and be really annoyed. Hypothetically speaking.

The other good brand I found down here (praise jesus!) is just the Whole Foods 365 brand. About $2 a bag. One of the cheapest, too. I tried some other fancy imported brand on sale, and it was very good too, but twice the price normally.

Even if you can’t get either of these two brands, just keep it in your mind that good whole wheat pasta is possible in the world. Seek out whatever good brand might be available in your area. In other words, don’t lose hope! It’s a worthy hunt if you, like me, love pasta as a staple but hate the idea of filling your families’ bellies with a bunch of empty calories on a regular basis.

My only question is, if good whole wheat pasta is possible, why do they make so much bad stuff?

In a similar vein, if no-iron shirts are possible, why the fuck do they make must-iron shirts?!?!? (Can you tell My Man is working at a ‘real job’ for the first time ever?)

2 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Pasta Rises from the Grave

  1. I have GOT to try those pastas, both of them. Do you own a pasta machine? Have you ever made your own? I am seriously thinking of getting one, after reading on Rhondas blog (down to earth) how she makes hers.( I have made my own noodles in the past and loved the taste and texture, but the husband is a meat and potatoes person. I do cook what I want a few times a month….stroganoff, shrimp alfredo and linguine, salmon, etc. On those days, he fends for himself! )

    I would be greatful to know if any of your other readers do make their own pasta and if so, is it whole wheat and/or organic>?

    Thanks for posting about this…now I’m hungry!

    1. hey Elaine, back when i only had one kid, and still did things like roll my own noodles, i posted about it on my old blog. the trick to homemade whole wheat noodles is gluten flour. seriously makes all the difference in the world. and it really doesn’t take all that long to roll noodles by hand. try it a few times before investing in a fancy roller. i could roll enough for a meal for two in the time it took to boil the water. they’re easier to roll if you like ’em thick ;)

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