Wow. I wasn’t joking. I really did quit this box. Now that I’ve had so many weeks sober, I can’t remember how I ever fit in the time to write a post. I mean, Jesus, it takes like an hour for a quickie. Where was I getting those hours? I still can’t seem to find the time to get that funky smell washed out of the sink, or sweep the floor which feels more or less like bare ground under your feet. I wish I could say that my life feels revolutionized on the wagon, that my energy and time know no bounds. I mean, I do feel my abstinence is giving me some blessed peace, but there’s no fireworks or bells from heaven or anything.

It has been a bit hectic since our return. My Man finishing up summer work, which included a big scary deadline; some friends visiting from out of town; another weird flu bug for me and the Babe, which I am still sore from.

Another change I can hardly leave out of the time equation is My New Friend.

We met back in May, but it took awhile for the first stage of getting comfortable to transpire. Now we’ve hit the honeymoon stage. We consciously and specifically hang out every afternoon and watch our cumulative kiddlets go feral whilst having intense and constantly interrupted philosophical conversations about everything under the sun.

It’s fabulous.

The loneliness of radical motherhood has been a theme on this blog, and judging from your many concurring comments, I know I was not alone in my loneliness. So I’m sure ya’ll can imagine the elation of having someone to share with, on an every day basis even! In real, candid, face to face life!

I do miss blogging. There’s nothing quite like it. I miss the strangely socially fulfilling internet friendships with you ladies. I want to fit it all in. Somehow.

I am working on a set of photos from our trip. While up there I did, literally, think of you all, and took my camera out extra muchly. Hopefully I will get that out soon. But for now, really, seriously, the sink!

6 thoughts on “Abstinence

  1. Thank God you’re back! But seriously, I was off line @ 2 weeks, not even reading my super favorites…and actually felt good about it. wtf? I do enjoy reading and even writing, but I kinda enjoy the peace. Cheers to you little one, Elaine

  2. glad to hear from you but seriously glad you are making headway and found someone cool to hang out with. We are all looking for that!! I had an unexpected computer break (viruses lots of nasty nasty ones) and while i felt lost at not getting to read my faves and check my email (and the weather… im that wierd) I was changed after weeks without. im finding it much easier to forget the box and go play!! looking forward to your pictures… in your own time!!!


  3. i don’t have the internets at home, so i am only plugged in at work, which is actually kind of ludicrous as my job entails staring at 5 different screens, with two keyboards and 3 mouses (not including the “leisure computer”) for twelve hours at a time…either way, even though i sometimes pine for connectivity in the home, i’m usually glad i don’t have it – spend my time outside, reading, crafting, loafing, etc.

    still glad yer back.

    and it really makes me smile that we all think of each other, cameras or anecdotes in hand, and i’m happy to be part of a virtual community…jealous of that new friendship, though. i sure could use me a mama buddy in real life…what’s that they always say? ask and you shall receive?
    i’m sendin it out…

    much much love.

  4. Yay, good to hear from you again! Can’t wait to see pics of your trip and to hear more about how it went. All in good time, of course :)

  5. Hey lady, good on ya for your abstinence. Myself included, there’s a bit of a mama movement to no longer sitting on our collective arses while racking up the cyber miles. I do miss ya words of hilarity and wit, but feck, I can wait around for them gems any ol’ time.
    Hope you’re enjoying this thing called life…

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