Portrait of the Cold Wet

Cripers, I think I hardly know how to type anymore. If I ever did.

All good here. The Babe sometimes sleeping late in the AMs, giving me 30-40 minutes alone with coffee. Does that describe my life in a nutshell? Had a vision today of my brain in these precious AMs as one of those coin sorters you had when you were a kid. Drop the pocket jumble in at top and CHINK-CHINK-CHINK, all is in order.

Been ruminating on the word and concept of submission. That brilliant ole’ AA prayer keeps an endless loop in my head. “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Hoping to have the time to write one of my head scratching posts soon.

Also, all kind and kin of home dairy productions are clogging my fridge, with a post already in progress.

But first, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A glimpse into my past life! The promised photos from Cordova!

This is just an appeteaser. I put them on flickr so y’all could view them in slideshow. It’s worth the extra 45 seconds, I think. After you follow the link, the slideshow button is in the top right hand corner.

While you’re there, you might want to check out my old zine, Subsist/Resist. That’s what I used to put my writing energy into. Back when I had time to actually write. As in, with a pen and paper. Then literally cut and paste with fun collagey stuff into an artsy fartsy little handmade book, xerox 50 times and send to my subscribers.

Here’s the link to the zine. It’s of course weird, but kind of perversely fun, to look at the totally old-school handwritten page on a computer screen. Definitely look at it via the slideshow, but once there, pause it and proceed manually, or it moves much too fast.

8 thoughts on “Portrait of the Cold Wet

  1. Thankyou for the appeteaser! I want a teepee just like that! Your photos are amazing, thanks for sharing them :)
    (any chance of a dress pic that you were so busy sewing? Pleeaaase??)

    1. the trip leading up to the wedding was a bonafide Epic Saga, i’ll tell you about it over tea sometime. no pics were taken on my camera anyway. i was a bit busy going completely insane. there was a wedding photographer, so hopefully someday i’ll get some pix. especially the one where i release my weeks of built up stress by slip ‘n’ sliding in my bridesmaid dress after the ceremony was done.

  2. Love your pics of Cordova, looks like a magical place. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip at some point. How did it feel to be home after living in such a different place as New Orleans?

  3. Myyyyy how that bubba has grown! How squeeeeezy yummy he is. And your gal looks like she breathed it all in, as only kids can do … no thinking just being, the clever little beggers! Everything looks so cosy and inviting! THanks for sharing your snaps. Love from Oz – KAtj

  4. oh my. i especially enjoyed “hiking with a child 1,2 &3” – also, alla the creative abodes up there in the cold wet. the zine? effing priceless. i read the whole thing cover to cover (flicker to flicker?) and would subscribe *and* submit if you were ever to start it up again.
    much much smooshy love,

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