Shouting Down the Rabbit Hole

Ever read the awesome book A Hole is to Dig, by Maurice Sendak and someone else I can’t remember? It’s got a great line,

“A baby makes the mother and father, otherwise they’re just plain people.”

Well, I was thinking, readers make the blog, otherwise it’s just me shouting down the rabbit hole again.

So, thanks for reading. Thanks especially to everyone who commented, those comments mean more than you’d guess. Most importantly, thanks for inspiring me to commit the time to such heavy duty introspection, when I could easily just get swallowed up by folding the laundry pile. Although wait. Didn’t I just finish singing the praises of getting swallowed?

Not by laundry. Dear god.

5 thoughts on “Shouting Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Hey! I’m reading every single post, even if I’m not always commenting. I think about what you write in my head, and sometimes even talk among my in-town friends about the topics and concepts. You present a lot for me to think about. I appreciate it. Keep ’em coming!

  2. i love the maurice sendak quote…somehow never thought of it that way. and, yes yes yes, keep yelling please, i think of you as my friend and this site as our coffee house.
    much love.

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