A Virtual Garden Party

I’ve been meaning to update the Readers’ Blogs list for ages. I just had an extra half hour, with nothing else in particular to do (!!!) so, I finally got to it.

I like the idea that we all keep up with each other a little bit, in this weird virtual community. Even though I’ve had my issues with computers and their inherent addiction problems, it has sure helped me to find you all and feel like– if not close by then at least somewhere in the Wide, Wide World– there are some folks like me! We gotta stick together y’all!

If you write a blog, please scroll down and see if it’s there in the sidebar. Did I spell your title correctly? Click it to make sure I entered the link right, and please let me know if it doesn’t work. If you don’t see your blog in there with the Readers’ Blogs list, it could be because you haven’t commented recently (I only went back a few months) or worse, haven’t commented at all! Comment you!

Then, let’s all get cozy with some tea and talk shop.


12 thoughts on “A Virtual Garden Party

  1. I haven’t commented for a wee while but I do read – honest!! Just been a bit busy recently. I’d love it if you could add me to your list. There is already a Sarah Elizabeth there but it isn’t me! (Such a terrible common name I have!) Thank you x x

    1. humm, it is you, or at least it should be. but if the link took you somewhere else, i will have to go remedy. post haste!

      1. Omg, hilarious. I followed that other Sarah Elizabeth link (also blogspot, identical to your address, minus the extra hyphen) and she is decidedly not a reader of this blog. I mean, I hate to judge someone based on their posting magazine style self portraits flaunting cleavage, but I think it’s safe to say your blogworld name sharer has other things on her mind than cleaning house, cooking dinner, raising kiddos, or saving the world one diaper at a time!
        Anyway, all fixed now I think.

  2. erm. hm. i haven’t been on the computer much, but i *think* i took charming for mice offline a while ago, so praps it had best come off the list… such a lovely list… i hate to go :( but gone i am. in the blogging-ish sense, not the readingish sense.

  3. Hey – thanks for putting my blog on your list. It really means a lot to me. I’ve been close to giving up this blogging caper a few times (despite its good bits) but decided to give it a good shot and try building an authentic, like-minded community. Being on your list means exactly that for me!

    1. You’ve been on the list since there was a list! I did wonder if you were still reading…. Glad to hear you are. Did you tie the knot yet? I’d love to tackle the issue of sassy grrlz like us navigating the world of marriage, but I’m afraid it gets just too personal for this media. Let me know if you ever need a private vent!

      1. I am getting married in July. I still have fear issues about the word ‘wife’. NOt helped by the fact that due to various redundancies and the education having been hacked to pieces I have gone from being a very well paid marketing manager to a poorly paid, part time further education teacher. So now I don’t feel so independent and I am reliant on him to pay the bills. So I am trying to find my way. I may take you up on that vent!

  4. I love your blog and have commented a few times, though not lately. I found you via InnerPickle. I’d love to be added to your blog roll.

    Also, I originate from Louisiana…:)

  5. Hi there & I thought you’d stopped blogging! I tried to leave a comment the other day but had troubles??

    Anyways, good to see you are still blogging away, and thank you for keeping me on your list!!

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