Get Back in Line, Fool!

I didn’t think I was bragging when I wrote The Glory Days a few weeks back. I didn’t mean to be bragging. I just meant to appreciate the moment, you know, not take good stuff for granted. But apparently someone Up There thought I needed to be bitch-slapped off my high horse and back into line.

Enter more than a week of passing that hideous stomach flu around, like a family game of Old Maid. Both kids spent two full days each puking their little guts out, with lingering wickedness lasting for another few days. Myself, thinking I was all well after one day of exquisitely painful cramps and one day of sore recovery, I jumped right into washing load after load of puke towels and restoring order to a house two days past mama.

But oh, the classic tale. Woe, the classic tale.  After two or three days of feeling fine, the evil bug made it into my big intestines. More cramping. More bed for mama.

Two more sick days for me, then two more well days back at laundry and puke duty. Finally everyone in the house had had it, we had to be done, right?

That’s when the headaches started.

I’m not a headache person. Almost never get ‘em. I always thought it was just the standard cop-out symptom. Now I understand. You simply cannot convey the horror of an extreme headache with the unimpressive word “headache.”

This one felt like someone was stabbing my eye out.

Anyone who’s had an eye stabbed out in headache form already knows the outcome of this story. But for myself, it was just too coincidental. I thought it must somehow be connected to the other bug. I tried Tylenol, but it didn’t help much. It seemed to come on every day between 10 and noon. On the third day, I called a doctor.

Apart from my pregnancies, I haven’t been to a doctor in my adult life more than two or three times. It’s a big deal for me. But what the hell was going on? Having such intense pain around my eye was a bit scary. But furthermore, I couldn’t live like that for very many days. I have kids remember?

The doctor confirmed the only hunch I’d had. Sinusitis. Piercing and extremely localized headaches often right behind or around the eye. No snot or obvious congestion, but I guess sometimes there isn’t.

She prescribed antibiotics, which I am taking like a good girl. And in the meantime I discovered Ibuprofen. It works. Just like the commercials.

Back to cleaning the house, which believe you me had fallen into a bout of extreme disrepair. I’m just thankful I was able to keep on top of the laundry. So far as I know, I’m current. No hampers of last week’s puke towels lying in wait, I’ve checked.

And that my friends, is cause for celebration.


2 thoughts on “Get Back in Line, Fool!

  1. That was quite a spate of bad days there – I’ve been feeling like giving up and we’re only in the “cold” germ phase so I bow to you.

    When the weather is nicer and everyone is well – I say take a “What the heck Day” in honor of this past spate of illness. Maybe it will only be a “What the heck Glass of Wine” but . . .

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