Down the Street and into the Future


We have finally finished hucking all of our everything to the new house, just ten blocks from our old place. As of yesterday, we are officially moved. I had never moved like this before– a whole family’s worth of shit. I was packing and taking over a car load a day or more during the last week, then on the 31st we rented a 17 ft truck and did two trips full of furniture. I was completely tapped by the end of that day. I haven’t felt so thoroughly exhausted since that 3rd day after my last birth when I decided it would be okay to take a 2 mile walk…

Holy crap, I had no idea we had that much stuff. How in the world did all that stuff fit into our old house? And more to the point, how exactly am I going to fit it into our new house????

I’ve put the bare minimum back together in the kitchen, but most of our 3,955 boxes are still looming Matterhorn style in the bedroom. Given the spare number of minutes I have in a day to tackle such extraneous projects, I fear it could be weeks before I finish.

Twice as much work as I would have thought, but still so worth it. This house is just fantastic. Funny, because if we had moved here first I would probably have been disappointed. It’s very plain. No soaring ceilings or rickety, charming 100 year old house feel. It’s just a solid brick house, built in the 60s. Ranch style, I guess.

But there are so many things I didn’t know before to appreciate about plain, practical houses. Bedrooms that don’t have to be walked through to get to the other end of the house. Floors that don’t bang like a drum when you walk. A laundry room– a room, instead of a broken down old shed falling off of the back of the house, with washer and dryer set up on pallets, and cockroaches skittering should you ever dare go to put a load in after dark.

But what really knocks my socks off is what’s outside the house. Again, you have to have lived boxed in to appreciate a front yard, a back yard, and a generous side patio stretching almost the full length of the property. Super bonus– the fourth side of the house, rather than smashing up against the fence line, has a full 6 foot wide alleyway/jungle. It would be a dream chicken run, but even short of that gives the most lovely, wild viney views to the windows along that side.

There’s lots of green growing things. Nothing edible of course, but nevertheless. I am learning to appreciate plants that you can’t eat… Two roses, a wisteria, a Japanese magnolia, a steadily advancing grove of bamboo in the back (why? why didn’t anybody tell them?), a few other intentional landscaping plants and a margin of jungley-ness on two sides. The property doesn’t look particularly big, but somehow it manages to have a little of everything, while still feeling open and spacious.

I feel this crazy bliss like I imagine people feel when they buy their dream home. Like it’s all just going to be sunny bubbles and peaches from now on. The possibilities of the future are so untainted.

Another movement toward the future is afoot. Right here, in my fingertips, in my glazing eyeballs, in my Squirrel Nutkin brain– click, click, clicking.

Erica from NW Edible has signed up to be my personal cheerleader over at Faceb**k, and claimed she had folks “clamoring to ‘like’ Apron Stringz,” and that I’d better get a page or else.

I resisted at first, I have a special hatred for FB. I in fact unsigned myself from it a few years ago. I had signed up (naively) to help coordinate a high school reunion, not knowing what I was getting myself into. To each their own, variety is the spice of life and all that, but I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to get “friend” requests from people I had barely known in the first place. As far as a way to keep in contact with the people I cared about, it was too shallow and bullshity. As for everyone else, I hate to sound cold, but it just wasted my time. I felt wicked having such rude thoughts but I have a very limited amount of time on the computer. I could write one decent email to a real friend, or seven bullhshit one liners to “friends.”

I feel like FB is just the extremity of our watered down, soundbite culture. Instead of a few meaningful relationships we scatter ourselves to the wind with 172 ‘what you watched on tv last nights’.

Starting to sound purty preachy for someone who just signed herself back up to the devil, don’t you think?

I have no doubt that some good stuff happens there. And I am taking it on faith that you lovely readers will point me in the direction of the cream. I am a hopeless renegade, I can’t help but fight tooth and nail what everyone else is doing. I often fight it without examination, on principle. Then at some point, when I stop baring my teeth long enough to get a good look, I realize I want in. And when I do, I jump feet first, often catching bystanders by surprise.

Make a big splash I always say.

I signed back up so that Apron Stringz could have a page and a place in the modern world. If this is the way folks get together now, then I’d better quit the bitching and get with the program! I like to think that all you far flung punk housewives who have found solace in my words can find solace in each other as well, out there in cyberspace. I used to ruthlessly ridicule such internet solidarity. But you know, I’ve grown up. It really does help to know you’re not the only whatever-you-are in the room.

I don’t know quite what y’all expect from this here FB page. I doubt I will have much time or energy to put into it myself. If I did, it would come at the expense of writing here in this space, and that would make me sad. I have come to relish writing here.

I imagine it more as a place where you readers can meet up and discuss the daily nuts and bolts of this lifestyle we’re trying for. Especially as a place for those of you who don’t have a blog to exercise your voice. We’ve all got something to say.

Speaking of which, anybody want to help administrate the group? I’m serious. Any FB savvy soul who might want to help out would be given a gold star.


8 thoughts on “Down the Street and into the Future

  1. I don’t have a FB page for my main blog, but for my local blog aimed specifically at the eco-stuff going on in my region, I started a FB page for it. I use it to post links, post about events and stuff that I don’t want to write a whole blog post about. You can also join ‘Networked blogs’ and it automatically posts your blog posts to your FB page.

    I am a ‘quality over quantity’ Facebooker… it is my personal stuff, photos of the kids to share with family and close friends. I mean, who are these people who request to be “Friends” with you and then don’t send you a single message, or make a single comment. I used to give them a week to show their ‘friendship’ but now I just don’t accept the requests.

    Good luck… I have very few FB Page Likes, as I don’t need a huge amount of clutter in there because then you spend way too much time on FB… but I liked you ’cause you rock! BTW, hope the moving in goes quickly and you keep finding great things you like!

  2. Hey, you have a front yard, back yard, side patio AND a jungle? Wonderful!!

    Moving *shudder*. I shouldn’t mention this, but we still have unpacked boxes in our garage from our move 4 years ago. Mostly kids toys and craft stuff..what to do with it!? This could be you, you know. ;)

    Don’t get me started on F/book. I was drawn into it’s evil web a couple of years ago and keep meaning to take myself down. People would send me ‘tokens of their friendship’ and ‘plants’ to put in my ‘garden’. It suddenly hit me that I was spending more time maintaining my online ‘garden’ than my real one (which feeds the family, duh!!) and reading ‘friends’ and friends of ‘friends’ meaningless comments on various topics, plus getting ‘requests’ from people I really didn’t want to have any contact with, I knew it was time to walk away. Far away. It frustrates the buggery out of me the way that now I am the alienated one from any rare, important news because I refuse to go there. Ugh!

    Sorry to rain on your parade. I wish you all the best with your bloggy debut into FB. Perhaps the blog route may be different?

    Enjoy that new house and all it’s comfy offerings. :)

  3. It’s gonna be awesome to have a yard. Is it fenced in? That way you can let the kiddies out in the backyard to play and get stuff done. So happy for you to have a bigger house.


  4. Hi there, I was pretty surprised to see you doing a FB page myself but I duly signed up thinking “boy I hope this doesn’t mean a decline in the blog posts in favour for short FB phrases” but then I thought “Nah! not likely, not her style”. So i’ll be interested to know how you go along and if you think it is worth it. I’m not very tech savvy and feel like I just keep my head above the water line with it all. I have been using FB for years and love keeping up with far flung friends and family but you’re right, it’s hard to be meaningful (like you are able to achieve in your posts) in a couple of short sentences, BUT it could be great for those back and forth conversations about things…it’s just being able to keep the two connected. Hmmm now I am thinking, “should I have posted this in her FB comments rather than the blog?” Well anyway I look forward to more discussions (and I find them easier to follow on FB as I am HOPELESS with those thread things!)

  5. We moved from a house built in 1913 to a house built in 1932. Let me tell you this house feels like a modern extravaganza compared to the first.

    I know that feeling that a new house with slightly better layout, straighter walls, and semi- 90 degree walls can give. Movings a bitch but we have found our happy home and don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

    Hope you home is “the” one you can stay planted in for awhile.

    I love FB because it helps me learn not to care what others think. Hard to put yourself out in front of you entire High School Class but very cathartic in some ways. Plus the drama is very much like a soap opera.

  6. I found your blog via facebook and I love love love it! :) I totally get your hatred of fb though. People can make a virtual picture of their lives that is totally not who they really are. I hate that part of it honestly. I’m weaning myself off of it slowly…and spending more time on blogs. Congrats on the new house! We bought a house 2 years ago and moving was a major pain, but once we got settled it started to get more fun.

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