Nuts and Bolts

Much to my blushing surprise, Harriet Fasenfest joined both the new Apron Stringz groups. Harriet is the author of The Householder’s Guide to the Universe (I wrote a short review in January, scroll down, it’s at the bottom-ish of the post). She’s stewing over her next book and left a comment and question over at Homegrown which I think is really fascinating.

Here’s what she said,

Oh but that I could call myself a punk housewife.  I’m more your crusty ex-pat N.Y. still-talking-about-woodstock householder with grown kids and a husband who can’t figure out why I do all this stuff (interminally slow learner).  But I’m digging what’s happening and I’d love to know more about how all this really works for you.

You know, I know, that you know, that there was the first book. Now I’m thinking about the workbook ’cause I know going backwards and taking on all the skills and trades to make this work is hard when added to all our other commitments and lures of modernity.

So past the vision and the narratives are the real tools of home-ec.  The budgets, the timelines, the storage, the meal planning.  In essence, the nuts and bolts of a functioning home economy.  So where do you get stuck.  I’m wondering.  I got some ideas.

We’ve started a little discussion over there, and could use input from all of you kind readers, if you feel like joining in. I think I may have led the conversation a bit astray right at first there with some pretty heavy socialogical/psychological mind tripping, though what exactly are the ‘nuts and bolt’s might just be personal.

I think Harriet’s trying to examine the system of a working household, more than the individual tasks. Which is the part that I always find most challenging and interesting.

What do you all see as the real tools of the trade? How do you get shit done? How do you walk the line, day to day, between your DIY lifestyle and the “lures of modernity?” What trips you up? Where do you get confused?

Anyone with a little extra time and a penchant for endless philosophical blather about home life should come on over!

10 thoughts on “Nuts and Bolts

  1. Oh, and never knew you reviewed my book. And liked it too. Double boss. Makes me want to come to New Orleans and hang out a bit. I think we need to have a small punk-crone householding-housewife-homemaking hoo haa.

    1. oh, do come! you are welcome, as are any of you other readers!
      never been called boss before.

  2. Your posts give me such hope & inspiration – I have 3 sons, a garden, chickens, & am contemplating getting bees. I do the best I can to keep up with cooking, cleaning, laundry, mending, & all the rest that goes into a home…hardest (yet most fulfilling) job along with parenting! You & Harriet are my Guide Posts. You really help me get thru’ some of my days with a sense of humor intact! My next project involves re-finishing the floors – I’m literally starting from the ground up on this adventure! Many thanks for all you do.

    1. thank you Suzanne! it means so much to me to get comments like this. how long have you been reading?
      good luck on your floor!

  3. (Argh, and now you’ve led me to that Homegrown site again, it looks awesome, but I resisted the other day… hence the blog post about all the electronic connections you can make these days… and now, there it is, looking welcoming, like-minded and groovy… must resist, must not join, must get away from laptop!!)

    1. sorry. resist! resist! it’s just drivel anyway!
      i loved your post on electric connections, btw.

  4. Thanks for posting this! I’d like to hear other folks’ ideas and problems, too. May turn out we’re all getting stuck in the same places… kinda like a Home Making Sinkhole.

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