A Fine Day for Digging in Someone Else’s Trash

The weather has been absolutely divine this week. We were side-swiped by a slow moving “tropical storm” last week, which didn’t do much more than knock some branches down, but somehow delivered this extremely unseasonably cool weather.

By cool, I mean in the 80s. But nights in the 60s! Oh my, delight cannot cease. It’s like an indian summer, in reverse. Just when I thought the heat would go on and on forever, a reprieve!

I’ve been dabbling in my garden, clearing weeds, planting seeds. And taking delicious morning walks. Which are always very fruitful for me. And I’m wondering, as per my Quiet Riot, do I get to subtract the weight of trash removed from other folks cans?

Cause, if I do, I’m golden.

5 thoughts on “A Fine Day for Digging in Someone Else’s Trash

  1. Awesome!!! What a score! I’m a big fan of recycled furniture, especially. We have ‘hard rubbish collection’ here about two-three times a year, and it is just the best “shopping” ever!

  2. I found the most beautiful sideboard at our local dump. It was painted that fifties hideous light blue/green and was missing a few drawers. I took it to a local furniture refinisher and had them build new drawers etc. It was black walnut under that paint – beautiful carved outlines – a stunning peace. I’m sure it cost us more than the piece was worth to fix it up but there was something so satisfying about bringing it back to life. I wish I could show the person who owned it originally (although I expect that would really be over 100 years ago). Love it.

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