Note From A Friend

Dear readers,

CJ wishes she could have posted 5 wham-zingers since her last celebration of digging in the trash. Unfortunately, to be perfectly honest, writing a blog post or commenting on your post is about as important to her as spilled milk right now. As her friend, I wanted to let all of you CJ fans know so that you can join me in sending prayers and good energy her way. Rest assured that although everything is not OK, she is OK, and so are her little cherubs.

It may take a while before you hear from her again, so if you’re a CJ addict like me, I’ll see you in the archives.

Lucky to be CJ’s Friend

32 thoughts on “Note From A Friend

  1. good thoughts and prayers your way CJ. what a cryptic note – i am worried about you! well, more good thoughts and prayers….

    rough times come, and they go…hopefully it’ll be gone soon and will leave only wisdom and better states in its wake.
    with love,
    a fan

  2. sending you all my best most positive thoughts. take care of yourself and your family. we will be here to hear you if and when you feel like coming back!

  3. Hey CJ, just in case you are able to read but not comment. You are missed and loved, sista gurl, and although I will worry, it’s with the knowledge you have a backbone of pure titanium and a stomach that can handle any kind of rough tide.

    Thoughts, prayers to what ever deity will listen, and love hun. If you need any outlet, flip me an email and I’ll call you up, day or night.

  4. Dear CJ’s Friend,
    She could take a year and I’d still be here, ready to read anything she writes. Once before she told us she wasn’t going to blog anymore and I believed her, but I won’t be that easily fooled again! I will just quietly be here, not waiting or expecting, just thinking of her & her family, and hoping they are all getting by OK. Yep, you are lucky to be friends with a gal like her, and I hope you are looking after her like she deserves, whatever bad stuff that is going on.

  5. KInd of frightening to read…. but, of course, good thoughts right at ya. Struggling to find the right thing to say without knowing what’s going on, but …. I hope it is/will be okay over your way.

  6. There is some truth to karma, somewhere… and now all the goodness you have shared and bestowed as a family to those of us out here flayling about in the quagmire that is parenthood, reading your thoughts, ponderings, musings and wisdoms, and recieving soul nourishing soloace as we read, that goodness is coming back to you in all our heart felt thoughts and well wishes for you and yours. With love from Down Under.

  7. You and your family are in my prayers. You take whatever you need to get your world right. “Thank You” to your friend for giving us an update. You know it’s easy to get attached and it can be so difficult when someone just drops off loop. It’s hard not to worry, and it’s not like we can just run next door and check on you. So thanks for being so thoughtful to set our hearts at rest, even though you are going through something so rough yourself.

    with love,
    brenda from arkansas

  8. CJ, Henry has a trampoline. And is in Nursery or preschool or something, (we call it school and I think it’s really daycare,) 2 days a week, starting today! The sun is shining here and I can appreciate it. The good times come back, eh? Love to you.

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