Screentime Again, Again

A friend sent the link to this excellent post, Why I Don’t Worry About my Kids’ Screen Time, on my own personal new favorite screentimesink, Camp Creek Blog.

I’m not going to attempt to paraphrase. Except here’s a brilliant little quote,

“Childhood: You’re doing it wrong.”

(Whosoever gets the reference in the title of this post winds my undying affection)

5 thoughts on “Screentime Again, Again

  1. Alright, THAT little linky-lou rocks. Had found, then lost, Camp Creek — so thanks for re-connecting.

    Also, wanted to confirm that I LOOOOOOOOVE Hole is to Dig, own my old childhood copy, and a second (tougher) one besides. Tried to e-mail back to that effect, but Mailer_DAEMON said you couldn’t be reached. So I thumbed my nose, and popped on over to subvert him.

  2. Well, you did it again. Spent an hour this morning reading a blog and then going to another link, and proceeding from there. Very interesting and enjoyable. Your posts are always so thought provoking. Thank you.

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