A Great Big Deep Breath

Friends, I have many things on my mind. It’s been a good Fast so far, 5 days in. Incredibly instructive, my mind is whirring. But not, not at all, with what you might be expecting. My mind has travelled through the subject of luxury as standard and out the other side through the psychosis created by parentally enforced asceticism. I am more conflicted than ever before, and I want like nothing else to sit down with you for four and a half hours to talk this out.

However, these are the crunch days. My Man’s finals begin next week. My more or less solo parenting began last Sunday. Our house is an building disaster, and the washing machine just broke. We leave this Sunday (me and the kids) for a five day trip to the beach so My Man can dive into testing, focus undivided. Christmas waits for no one and in my ‘spare time’ I have gifts to make, cards to write, and sparkly magic to enjoy with my bitties.

Just as I’d gotten really stuck back into writing, post ideas trailing around behind me as I run after kids all day, I have to take a great big deep breath and set it all aside.

Look for me after December 16th. I’ll be waiting for you.

8 thoughts on “A Great Big Deep Breath

    1. i did, just yesterday. thank you so much! wonderful.
      but let’s get this straight, a trip with one parent and two kids age 2 and 4 for five days, is not a “vacation.”

  1. Enjoy your mini break! It’s probably for the best….I spend far too much time reading your fantastic posts than I should and I have waaaayyy too much holiday prep to do. sigh.

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