Real Quick

After yesterday’s post I was treated to an unusual extra 30 minutes before the Babe woke up. I reorganized the categories a bit in the sidebar– it’s been bugging me that there wasn’t a category for the good posts. I’ve titled it “CJ’s Favorite Posts” but only because I couldn’t put my finger on a better name. What I mean is those pontificatory posts which brewed in my belly for a week and then got a good working out, the posts that have some enduring worth. Mostly they are about mothering, and the emotional aspect of balancing mothering with my feisty, self-strong nature. Some are about the DIY lifestyle, and the punk sustainable living world. These are not the best or favorite practical posts (look for those in the other categories) but the other side of this blog, the up-all-night-with-your-best-friend-hashing-it-all-out posts.

I know a blessed number of you have been with me from the beginning and read these posts hot off the presses. A few more of you diligently waded through the archives. But for anyone else new or new-ish around here, craving more but without the time for such tom-foolery as archives, ‘CJ’s Favorites’ is the condensed goodies. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Real Quick

  1. Thanks for your nice comment on my Advent calendar post! I can’t take credit for the activities idea; I read about it somewhere, and loved it for the very reasons you described.

    And what a relief to know that if I could just pick up my house and plunk it down in New Orleans, our windows would no longer put us to shame! :-) (How interesting and odd!)

  2. Hi Calamity Jane, have recently discovered your blog and will enjoy reading through the Favourite Posts to catch up on the highlights.

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