Checking In

I miss you!

We had a lovely little Christmas and have been enjoying lots of family time. The kids are in seventh heaven with so many new fun things. I’ve been reading Paula Wolfert’s The Book of Moroccan Food, which I asked my MIL for (she delivers almost as reliably as Santa). Wolfert is probably my favorite cookbook author, and this might be my favorite eye-candy cookbook of all time! About my favorite kind of ethnic food, and so full of gorgeous photos of the food, the ingredients, the people and the place that I swear it weighs a solid 8 pounds. It’s like a friggin’ trip to Morocco. Without the dysentery.

The air is cold but the sun is warm here, my garden is still pumping out sweet peppers and eggplant! The light is soon to start creeping back in, and I have a lovely springy itch to play in some dirt. Christmas in New Orleans, a curious thing.

My mom is visiting until the 5th. So, I’ll see you round about then.

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Hey CJ! Hope you had a rockin’ chrissy and that the new years festivities are fantastic. It’s going great over here, a few 38 degrees celcius days and some fun toboot.
    Thinking of you too, and a well earned break from the last year of things. Hope the garden keeps kicking along just fine, the kids play well and the man is relaxin’ beside you.
    All the best, see you soon.

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