Punk Housewife Tip: Small Freezer Portions

There are some things that are just too handy not to keep in small portions in your freezer, no matter how Betty Crocker it makes you feel. Two such things are chicken stock and chopped tomatoes. I make my own stock and put it into pint size or bigger jars for the freezer, but there are many times when you just want a little stock, like for cooking collards or adding into a sauce. I also always buy the 28 oz cans of chopped tomatoes, but often don’t need the whole thing. So I put the rest in the freezer for soups, rice, or again, collards. I do love me some greens stewed with fried onions, tomatoes and a splash of good chicken stock.


Ice cube trays are the classic container for small frozen portions, but they’re much too small for my purposes. I used to use a collection of plastic containers– yogurt tubs and tupperware– and just half fill them. But then one day, oh fraptuous joy, I happened to buy this silicone muffin pan at a garage sale, in a box with several other silicone baking items. I don’t like actually baking in silicone, I bought the pack to use as soap molds. But this muffin pan has turned out to be one of my better spent $2 solely for the purpose of freezing small portions.

Once frozen, the little half cup portions just pop right out of that wiggly silicone and I put them into a big quart sized zip lock. I keep both the stock and tomatoes in the same bag, it’s easy enough to see which is which.

You can throw the frozen hunk right into whatever you are cooking, it melts pretty quick.

Also good candidates for small freezer portions are pesto and pureed beets for pink pancakes.

8 thoughts on “Punk Housewife Tip: Small Freezer Portions

  1. I love this idea!!! …the other day I had a large amount of stored onions going bad, so I chopped up the good parts and sauteed them, then froze all into small portion containers. It’s so handy to pull out one and quickly add to whatever I’m cooking. Now I’m going to keep my eye out for more silicone muffin tins. (I also bought some at a thrift store for soap/balm molds — they work great for that too)

  2. Oh I have those silicone things too and I do the same- my freezer is full of bags of discs in assorted colours… And my silicone muffin thing is a rainbow of stains!

  3. Yes, freezing sauce/stock/anything you can think of is a great trick! I just used half a can of frozen coconut milk yesterday–and am I ever glad it was in the freezer. We freeze our stuff in slightly larger containers (where they stay until used), but I don’t have a problem using smaller amounts. I just let the chunk melt in the pan until I have enough liquid, fish out the remaining frozen piece, rinse it quickly, and stick it back in the freezer. Works like a charm.

  4. That is genius! I always pass up the silicon molds at thrift stores and garage sales because I hate baking in them, but now I’ll snap some up for the freezer.

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