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Thank you to everyone who signed up on the new Readers’ Blogs page, I see many of you are still missing though. There is a lot of clicking going on, so if you want some keen Apron Stringzy new readers, do take a minute to leave your URL and a good description of your blog.

Non-bloggers, don’t leave yet!

As you know, we will be moving in little more than a month. I will be starting the whole crazymaking business of full scale packing in two weeks, and my writing likely won’t resume until at least mid-June. That adds up to two pretty quiet months here on the ole blog, and I thought I’d offer up the otherwise empty space to guest posts!

If you are already a blogger in your own space, you could either write fresh material just for us or I could re-post one of your old favorites. If you aren’t a blogger, all the better because I know you got somethin’ to say, sister! Crack her open!

You know I cover a pretty broad range of subjects here– the usual gardening, cooking, punk housewifery and parenting as well as more esoteric pontifications on the nature of our chosen path and the commonality of our deepest psychological workings. Basically, almost anything goes. Mamas like me would be wonderful, but divergent viewpoints are particularly welcome. Papas! Grandmas! Kids (ie: people under 30)! Anyone invited and everyone welcome. You can write how-tos, recipes, personal stories, manifestos, pretty pictures, psychological delving, smart-ass sarcasm… I will publish almost any post you send me unless it’s flagrant advertisement or downright offensive.

If you would like to join the fun, leave a comment here and I will email you. If you would like to offer an already written post, you can just send it straight to me, otherwise I will schedule you in and give you a deadline, to keep things on track. It would be cool to have at least one guest post a week during my absence, which would only take 8 submissions all together.

Imagine the fame! You too could guest star at the internationally renowned (err, internationally read) Apron Stringz blog! It’s your moment!

15 thoughts on “Join the Ranks!

  1. I’m up for a guest post… What do you want me to write about? A comparison between Alaska and Maine? A reflection on our divergent paths since high school? Wild Maine food recipes would be fun (and easy)! Gimme a topic, and I’ll go for it!

  2. I would like to try my hand at a guest post. I’m interested in writing, plus am laid up with a bumb leg for the next 4-6 weeks. It would be a nice diversion from my reality. I will think of areas of interest, or if you have gaps in your topics let me know. Thank you!

  3. I’d love to write a guest post on scouring thrift stores and roadsides for secondhand finds to beautify your home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I’d love to fill in for you while you do your power box sort and cross-continent haul. It would probably be something along scatological lines for your kiddos category, since I seem to be up to my elbows in post-diaper poop these days (here’s where my Peace Corps training really comes in handy!).

    1. Ha, I had a friend in the PC who said all PCers ever talked about was “the foods they missed from home, the sex they weren’t getting, and the color of their shit.”
      Sounds great, I can never get enough poop talk either.

  5. Hmm… Gardening(organic/space intensive)? Wild foods(Eat yer weeds!)? Renovating thrift and/or free-cycled items? Making that annoying gap-at-back-of-your-jeans go away? Let me know if I can contribute… TheCrazyGardenGirl

  6. Hi. I’ve got a couple of posts on growing food in a tiny backyard you’d be welcome to share here as a guest post. I’ve just moved my old blog (yay For Home!) to a brand newie ( with a more real food focus.

  7. I’ve got a couple posts up my sleeve I’d be incredibly honored if you’d like to feature…. I fall squarely in the ‘kid’ category ;-)

  8. Lovely idea Calamity, I’d love to do a guestpost on an internationally renowned blog! I’ll have to think a bit about a topic… And I’ll look forward to reading some other readers’ posts too.

    Happy packing, in the meantime!

  9. wow, thank you everyone! i’m going to give this a few more days then send out an email to all y’all re: details. i’m open to any subjects, but if you want me to pick one for you, i can do that too ;)

  10. Hi, I’d love to guest blog. I would propose editing the following if you would be interested in it…
    Since I lean towards unschooling, there is a debate that we could be removing chances to future success by not making our kids do some kids of activities.
    Since I’m homeschooling in the tiny, troubled island of Bahrain, this could give the post a bit of spice for you ;) Best wishes, Penny

  11. i just sent out an email about this. please check to make sure you got it, sometimes the email address given with avatars, etc is old or defunct. if you didn’t get it let me know! scarletfevir (at) yahoo (dot) com

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