So Long For Now

Okay, friends. The time has come. This will most likely be my last post for awhile, maybe into June. But! I have a line-up of folks who have volunteered to write guest posts. There should be at least one/week to keep y’all chewing on some good stuff. Please remember to support our gracious guests with lots of comments!

[Speaking of which, I sent out an email to everyone who volunteered but never heard back from a couple of you and I suspect that the email given with your original comment was not the one you normally use…? If you want to write a guest post, whether or not you signed up before, it’s not too late, please email me at scarletfevir (at) yahoo (dot) com]

But before I go, we need to pick our winner for the cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family. Anyone who slogged through the comments on that post will probably not be surprised that I’ve picked Jenny, mama to premature twins, as well as three (?) older kids. Holy crap you must have your hands full! Please email me (listed above) so I can get your address and post this book right away.

For anyone else wondering what to feed their babies, as one of the commenters said, it is really not as difficult or complex as Gerber would have you believe. A book is nice to confirm it in writing, but really you can feed your baby just about anything that they absolutely could not choke on, which means either very small pieces or very, very large pieces. A few commenters suggested Baby Led Weaning (quite critically, “weaning” in the British sense, meaning adding solid foods into baby’s diet, not ceasing nursing!) I love how we need an official name to just let babies eat what they want to eat. As I mentioned in that original post, I too felt that intimidated the first time around, but we don’t need to!

Don’t forget, you can also inter-library loan this book. It’s worth the few week wait.

As to one commenter’s question of nettles and what to do with them? Anything at all! So long as it’s cooked. Just plain steamed with butter is good, layered with phyllo and feta into nettle-copita is great. To convert your family, try this cream of nettle soup recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, Sofya Hunt (the recipe is on Edible Madison, but her blog is A Girls Guide to Guns and Butter)

Okay, I’m off to more packing. Wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “So Long For Now

  1. Best of Luck!! Having moved nine times in the past seven years (14 times in my less than 30 years of life) I’d like to think I know a thing or two about moving! We may be doing the same very soon the first time with offspring in tow – which is, I’m sure, a-whole-nother game.

    May your boxes and packing tape be plentiful, your frusterations small and your little ones self-entertained!!! And may your life in Alaska welcome you back with open arms (I wish we could live there again – can’t wait to read all about it once you’re settled!)

  2. Congrats, my dear, and hope it all goes well.
    Can I just say, though, baby choking is not such a big deal. Sorry, I’m not evil and I don’t want babies to die, but babies have evolved to learn to eat, and if something goes down wrong, just like the rest of us, they generally gag it up. (Picture a piece of strawberry flying across the room, and babe a bit red-faced.) They’re going to bite choking-sized pieces off larger bits anyway! And if they’re having lots of trouble, you calmly pick them up, turn them over and whack them on the back. It’s the same type of danger as falling into a swimming pool- don’t let them do it unsupervised, but know that if it happens, you have a good while to fish them out again before brain-damage sets in.
    Take a baby/child first aid class, remember that kids are pretty good survivors, trust nature, evolution and your instincts, keep an eye on them when they eat, and forget about baby food, puree, mash and the rest of it. If we needed to give them mush we’d have an instinct to chew things up and spit it out for them, or something!

    1. I think that is probably right on, but not the kind of advice a blogger should throw around off-handedly to unknown audiences. Since a very real safety issue is involved it does need to be taken seriously. I think it’s easy to take thorough reading and *thinking* for granted, but what if someone skims it and hears, “oh baby’s don’t choke. When they do they figure it out. No biggie.” And takes that to mean they don’t have to think about it anymore? You know I’m all for cutting the bullshit, but some topics are just too big and important to be expressed in a few sentences.
      That said, I did always feel like myself and everyone else around were too caught up in Fear of Choking, but never knew quite what to do about it, how to realistically gauge or understand the danger. If I were going to have another baby I would definitely look into this BLW thing.

  3. My parents moved cross-country when I was a bean and there is a photo of me somewhere in a moving box, wearing nothing but a Beacon Moving sticker and diapers.

    So you know, if you run short on time, that’s one way to get the kids all packed up.

    Catch ya later, alligator.

  4. TTFN CJ, Safe travels! We are moving around the same time as you guys, to the property by husband grew up, out in the sticks. It is time to get back to nature! I will think of you while ear deep in packing supplies at some ungodly hour, as we pack our entire houses/ last second canning projects into boxes. <3

  5. Safe travels, CJ – I look forward so very much to hearing your Alaskan tales, and I hope this move back to the land of your heart brings you much joy. I’m finding myself too busy to comment much these days – hopefully things will calm a little soon – but I keep up with your goings-on with much affection. Weird, I know, but true. Happy packing!

  6. Yay! I just sent an email off. Best wishes for your move. Really enjoyed the first guest post today. Thanks again!

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