8 thoughts on “Stinging Nettle Tattoo

  1. I’ve often wondered if getting a tattoo feels at all like nettle stings. I actually kind of enjoy nettle stings (in extreme moderation)… especially if it means I’m on the way to eating nettles.

    1. i kind of like it too, and not in an S&M way. in fact, i almost always pick without gloves. i like the way, if you are very, very careful you don’t get stung. it’s like a spirit puzzle with me and the nettles. how to touch them right. but also, i just kind of like the buzzing electrical vibrations that radiate from the stings. i once picked WAY TOO MANY gloveless, like 10 gallons, and couldn’t sleep that night. literally had to get up. my hands and arms were alive. it was kind of annoying, but kind of transcendent.
      the tattoo needle is not so mystical. it stings and buzzes and vibrates, but also really hurts like hell, like someone is cutting your skin with a sharp needle a million times. still, the irony made me smile (weakly) esp since i hadn’t even thought about it until i was getting it.

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