Farewell New Orleans

We leave today, in six hours. What am I doing blogging, right? Well, amazingly, I am feeling pretty on top of things. Both kids are sleeping late after a 4yo complete meltdown at 12:30 last night. Her screaming was so heart rending, so disturbing, I was literally afraid someone might call the cops. Unless they listened close enough to hear the words, “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BED!!! I WANT TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED!!!!” (Which is to say, rather than camping mats on the floor. Poor thing.) She has been dealing with the move so unbelievably well, I was not too surprised by the 40 minute screaming session. Sometimes you just gotta let it out.

I am about to jump on a few last tasks, and then hopefully take the kids to our favorite French bakery for one last croissant. But, in a moment of nostalgia, here’s a few pictures:

19 thoughts on “Farewell New Orleans

  1. Well, here I am trying to find a way to move TO NOLA, and you’re leaving. You may miss it more than you realize now. Have a safe and happy move. Look forward to reading about it.

  2. I want to cry! We are going to miss you all so much! Have a safe trip and enjoy returning home and new adventures in a beautiful place!

  3. I love your photos, posts, and total honesty. Good luck on the road back to Alaska & hope to read more soon! New Orleans will feel a little less vibrant without your presence.

  4. happy travels!! Im looking forward to hearing about your alaskan adventures!
    (and have two croissants you never know when the next chance will be!!)

  5. Look me up when u get here! BTW, where will you guys be staying? I thought your house was rented out?

  6. Call us when you get to Anchorage and I or we will come to you were ever you are. Even if it is a short lay over to Cordova. You have been dearly missed. 376-5816 love. Dennis

  7. Are you coming back to CDV? I never “knew” you—- but Dez gave me the link to your blog and it’s totally right up my alley! I hear you make a really good spruce tip salsa…dying for the recipe– it’s just about time to harvest up here! And what a wonderful time to return— just in time for fiddleheads, spruce tips, and FISH! Welcome home— we’ll have to meet up someday!! PS <3 your blog…really I do!!!!!

    1. We will be back June 1st! Put a bucket of tips in the fridge and we can make salsa together in a couple of weeks. It’s gooood.

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