Home At Last

We made it in on Friday night, just got the internet connection yesterday. As is usual when I take a break from the computer, I’ve not been missing at all. I don’t feel any big urges to get back at blogging. But fear not, there are still several guest posts lined up for your reading pleasure. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote for me! Reading your posts has been a wonderful introduction to my readership. What marvelous scope and variety!

I don’t miss the computer, but I must miss the strange pleasure of internet community at least a little, since I’m using my early morning time to write here, instead of pecking away at the vast amount of work still to be done. It always comes down to escape of one form or another, doesn’t it.

We are all well, and happy to be home. We loved our time in New Orleans, but small town Alaska life really is made for children. Especially when then sun is shining– thank you weather gods and goddesses.

This photo was taken moments before the little guy stepped in too deep, lost his footing and got swept several several yards down the creek. Hello Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. You have been missed. I can understand the reluctance to get back into blogging. What a gorgeous photo. It must be like Disneyland to the kids. Have fun settling in.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity – it’s been really great to read from others and discover other blogs this way.

    Happy nesting – moving is one of the hardest things – in my mind close to having a baby for all the adjustment needed!

  3. so happy for you, and glad to know you are happy to be home. Please do a post and tell us more about what you referred to: how Alaska is a great place for children…and any ideas on how we can create mini-environments like this for our children!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the ferry trip and have now had time to settle in a bit. I’m looking forward to the many upcoming Alaska-inspired posts and regular ponderings!

  5. Welcome home! It’s funny to have read about your life in Alaska as your ‘real’ home, but only in the past tense – I’m looking forward to reading about it in the present tense. Pretty impressive to see that snow capped range in the middle of summer!

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