Those of you who know me, or have read here for awhile will not be surprised to hear that after taking this long computer break for the past month, my passion for it has waned to near zero. Once separated from the catalyst of my addiction, I remember how my brain can feel unplugged– slow, quiet sometimes, not always jumping around like a mouse in a cage.

It feels good.

I won’t say I have been having a blissful last few weeks, in fact I am caught up in all kinds of as yet unexplained confusion of the psyche, but the deep breath that a mostly device-less daily life affords is very, very good.

What does this mean for this blog? I am not sure yet. I love to write, and have so enjoyed this space. I want to being able to keep writing. But when you are online, a world of (pseudo) information and connections are at your fingertips, and it is impossible for me not to flit from one thing to another. It is that intrigue of infinite possibility which becomes, for me, the ever gaping maw– opening to consume more and more of my life and time– and eventually altering the very foundation of how my brain functions.

Perhaps I will be able to write just once a week, I think my content here was better when I was just writing once a week anyway. Writing can get watered down by too many words. That’s the very thing about this internet actually, more = less.

Thankfully there are a few guest posts left to bide the time while I consider whether I am capable of being master over this virtual world, or whether it will always be the other way around. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote for me, for us, over this break. I am forever indebted.

6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. You know, it’s interesting how many people don’t watch TV and say so proudly and yet have a 5-hour-a-day (or more!) computer screen addiction. I know that’s my situation. You just do what is best for you and your family right now. Jump back when you want, if you want, at the frequency you want. We’ll all be happy to have whatever you want to give. Personally, if I miss you too badly I’ll just fly to Cordova and start wandering around until I find you.

  2. I hope you’ll keep posting, even if it’s occasional. :) for those of us who are pre-child, pre-yard, you and others (like Erica) are an inspiration for what we hope to be some day!

  3. I am enjoying a hiatus from blogging & the www (sort-of) at the moment. The real world is good! I’ve got to tell you, I am still writing, but have flung myself into writing a novel… a romance, no less! Go write your book, CJ.

  4. Exactly what Erica said. Except I probably won’t get to Cordova any time soon, though we are once again plotting to get to the States for a visit in maybe a couple of years time :)

    Seriously, if you stop writing you will be missed (we are all so looking forward to hearing about Alaska in the present tense), but that should really be the least of your worries! Do what works for you, and if you even write once a month, you would have a loyal readership :)

  5. Naaaaaaaaaaw, I won’t pretend I won’t miss your hilarity and reality. But that’s all good. We’ve all got our shit to do, and to be honest, most of the world could do with a little less time plugged in.

    I’m happy you’re settling back in though, enjoying life as it is, before you and in 3D.

    Catch ya soon,


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