Renegade Sister

That last post was partially just to have written a post, so that I could share with you yet another link. This one is very exciting for me. In fact, I’m a little bit pissed off that none of you ever told me about this. Is it really possible that we do not share any readers?

My new blog crush is titled Renegade Mothering. Yeah. Obviously we are sisters. I stumbled upon Janelle’s blog while doing an internet search for “Waldorf circle time” (more on that later). Which is hilarious, as you will understand after you read her work.

Renegade Mothering is not for the Waldorf set. It is not for those of you who tolerate my swearing and sarcasm for the sake of my generally wholesome content. This woman makes me look like a nun. She doesn’t write about cooking or homesteading or housewifery or fighting The Man, nor does she delve deep into the emotional pysche of motherhood. Nope, instead Renegade Mothering is a ranty bitch. If you enjoy the juxtaposition of foul mouthed mama writing, an extremely heavy dose of sarcasm and laughing like a hyena, check it out.

I simply could not choose a single post to direct you toward. You should probably start with Playdate in My Trailer and 19 Things You Must Know About Me. Are You Ready for Parenthood? A Helpful Checklist is hilarious and Parenting in the Gray Area will make you spit your coffee all over the computer.

But, if the idea of a post entitled I Wonder Which One of My Kids Will Grow up to Be a Crackhead offends you, Renegade Mothering may not be for you.

9 thoughts on “Renegade Sister

    1. i take that back. it’s all your fault the milk just boiled up all over the stove as i was cracking up over renegademama’s playdate cards.

  1. Oh my god. I just blacked out and now it’s over an hour later. But seriously. That shit was awesome.

  2. She is amazing – thanks for the introduction! I just shared her post about “Are you ready for parenthood??” with my friend who is due next month – hoping that baby brain hasn’t taken over her sense of humor and that she will laugh instead of cry when she reads that post…

  3. what a great post!!!loved every word you or your renegate sister wrote, nice to have you around out there in the web,dont get lost, saludos from Greece

  4. Thank you so much for the share, and the kind words.You know, because “ranty bitch,” in my world, is like the highest compliment ever. I know ya feel me on that one. I have been madly enjoying your blog, reading through posts before bed, on my Kindle, which is why I don’t comment on many. AND, I must say, I can totally tell the commenters who have come over from your blog, because they are smart, witty and renegade. There’s some fucking rad mothers up in here.

    So it’s a good thing our worlds collided. And HYSTERICAL you Googled something Waldorf and got my ridiculous list of how to get kicked out of a Waldorf play group.

    Thank you, also, to the commenters above. I am flattered. Sincerely appreciate it.

  5. Just started on ‘Parenting in the Gray Area’ and it’s hysterical! Quickly forwarded to hubbie who’s busy working in the other room, hope to hear howls of laughter shortly! Thanks!

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