You’re My Favorite

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you, in fact I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Truth be told, I have been busy over this last few months laying the groundwork on a secret project. And I need your help.

You may remember that I taught a gardening class online a few months ago. It went well, and our small class became surprisingly friendly over the eight live Zoom sessions. I didn’t know what to expect from online teaching, and was pleased with how it came out. 

But as much as I enjoyed our live sessions, the standard “online learning” formula does not float my boat. It’s all based on stock curriculum and pre-recorded videos. I wanted to be able to provide more support, in more ways and through more avenues. I wanted context. One of the students said, “I feel like the best part of any class is hearing the experience of the instructor, and the other students, and being able to ask questions.” Those real, human interactions were exactly what I wanted to offer.

So, I am launching a membership website! Homegrown Home will be a place to learn skills, ask questions, share your journey, and find the support you need to turn your home into a homestead. I am very excited, and can’t wait to hear what you think. Because, oh, did I forget to tell you? I need to do some Beta testing before I open this sucker up to the real world. I need some friendly faces to help me work out the kinks and make sure that Homegrown Home is 100% awesome. I need a small batch of loyal souls who can be kind and patient, but also brutally honest. 

Hello you. 

Naturally, I created a special membership level just for you. As a “Founding Member,” your first month will be free of charge. If you like it and want to stick around, you’ll get half off the membership fee, forever.

But, what is a membership website you ask? I guess you’ll just have to head over and find out. See you there!

***Please note that this offer is open to you few and proud, loyal Apron Stringz readers who are still around so many years later. If you have friends who you think would love to join, I would love for you to share! But not till next month. I want to keep our Beta group small. Thank you for understanding.

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