Psyche, The Universe, and Everything

Hello again beloved readers. 

Don’t worry, this post is not a thinly disguised sales pitch. I deeply appreciate you lending your ear to my budding business idea for this last few weeks, but I think I have gotten myself situated now. So, here’s the plan, including backstory. 

I started Apron Stringz with the idea of being focused on practical, DIY home and garden projects, but that stuff quickly took a backseat to the emotional journey of motherhood, and much more personal, introspective writing than I had originally intended. I loved finding my voice, and finding a loyal group of people who appreciated my voice. I also love that you gorgeous people have the mental bandwidth to read my longwinded explorations of pschye, the universe and everything— in a world otherwise governed by Instagram, Twitter and fucking TikTok.

Now that I am most definitely rejoined to the great mind-meld of the internet, I am fairly confident that I will find need to share again in that way. And this here Apron Stringz blog will continue to be the space for that deeply personal writing you all know and love. 


Although my life is still an emotional rollercoaster (and how!) I do finally feel like I have the space to expand back into My Work and put more focus on “subsistence,” those pursuits which sustain our family in a direct, practical and mostly edible way. I also know that many people around the world are craving to learn these practical skills right now, and I believe I am highly qualified to teach them! This is exciting for me. I feel like I have graduated from full-time mama, and can rejoin my previously chosen career path.

So, that is where Homegrown Home comes in. HGH will be the place for all the practical sides of me. It will be where I talk shop, and share tips about how to be the “punk housewife” I championed here. It will also, hopefully, be a way that I can contribute a little side cash to our family income by sharing things that I know and love, with people who want to learn them.

You may have noticed that Homegrown Home has co-opted the Apron Stringz Facebook page! Don’t worry, any heart-pourings that I post here on Apron Stringz will still show up on the Facebook page, but honestly these are likely to be much fewer than the daily details of keeping a homestead. So I decided let things evolve. If you don’t really want to wade through weeks of home and garden dross to find the occassional psyche-delving CJ you know and love, feel free to “unlike” the Facebook page and subscribe to Apron Stringz by email. I won’t be even the tiniest bit offended. 

So, that’s that. Now you know the scoop. 

Next time I come back to this space, I’m pretty sure it will be with a big, long pontification on The End of the World as we are beginning to know it, the writing of which has been itching my belly for months.

3 thoughts on “Psyche, The Universe, and Everything

  1. I suspect you have two distinct audiences out there. I’m interested, to some extent, in subsistence techniques and learning practical things. But, I’m far more interested reading about how you grapple with being a punk housewife/DIYer/homegrown while also being in mainstream culture (e.g., Lower 48). We follow a hybrid self-sufficient path, but I don’t have the same command of words that you do to describe what it’s like. I haven’t lived in Alaska for 25 years and I’m still weird. So, your writing makes me think, and it’s why I love reading your more psyche-oriented posts. Glad to hear that you’ll continue doing both kinds of posts!

    1. Yeah, I think so too. I’ve always had lots of different sides. I could easily parse myself out into 4 or 5 distinct blogs! But, I’ll stick to 2 for now.

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