Apron Stringz is Moving!

If you are an email subscriber, please check your inbox for an email titled “Latest from Apron Stringz” to confirm that you have been successfully moved to the new mailing list. The message was meant to have a post attached, but I must have done something wrong. Look for another email with the same title soon! With a post this time, I hope ;)

I know there has been a lot of changes lately. Thank you for your patience. This one is all good, and all for you dear reader. I have moved to my very own domain. Now apronstringz.org is all mine! Bwah, hahahahaha! The best part is that all of my content will now be 100% ad free.

I had been feeling like the ole blog needed an update. Mainly, I wanted things to look less cluttery. Because even if clutter more accurately represents my life, it is not the most pleasant of reading environments. More importantly, I visited one of my posts from a “private window” recently and was reminded that you all have to endure the punctuation of an advertisment at the end of every post. Blech.

Ok, I guess I didn’t really do it for you. I did it out of pure vanity. These words are important to me, this space is so personal and even raw. Seeing an ad at the end of my hard-won words made me want to be sick.

So for my own vain sake, to more properly imagine myself as a “writer,” I have moved Apron Stringz to a cleaner, ad-free space. All the archival content is there, in fact I even took the opportunity to organize a selection of my best posts into one place, easy to find. (And furthering my vanity…)

I moved my mailing list over as well, so if you subscribe by email, you should continue to receive email updates whenever I post. Please let me know if you do not receive these emails! I can be reached at calamityjane@homegrownhome.org

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