These last days have been pretty crummy. I have been keeping track of my cooking, taking photos, and even have three started posts in my draft box. But.

For one thing, I’m sick. The whole fam damily has been down with a wicked cold. Hopefully short lived. The 3YO’s only lasted one day, I’m on day 2, and still pretty dumpy looking. At least today my brain feels normal. Y’know how you get that sickie-fog? Even the simplest tasks seem ridiculous? Let alone taking care of two kidlets. I’m sorry to say that the 3YO watched more movies yesterday than ever yet in her history. It was all I could do to weather the fussy bored Babe.

But, thing two, there’s a fatal flaw in this whole Calamitous Kitchen plan.

I can see the problem. As a mama of two bitties, I just don’t have the time to write obsessive volumes about cooking and cook. Not to mention clean the house, which always balances on the edge, and has of late fallen straight into the abyss.

On Day 2, I spent far too much time blabbering on and on about Day 1. The house fell into total wreckage mode. I was a Not Nice Mama. One of the half finished posts in my draft box is entitled Mama Rage, and was spawned from Day 2.

I am a much better parent when I can set aside any big ideas of my own (small ideas are okay). I have been thinking how sad it is that I will doubtlessly spend far more years later coveting babies, than years now with my actual babies. I must not take for granted this magical time, this gift of watching two new souls take root and blossom.

Still. I have always been someone with tenaciously big ideas. I have always had a very clear, even too clear picture of what I want. You know by now my critical balance.

Hmmm, not sure how to get this done, because I really like this little Calamitous Kitchen  project. And I want to give you a week of consecutive days. Not that you need to read every day, but that I want the food to flow in a day after day way, like real life.

Fortunately, not every day is a bust-out manicpanic of kitchen pandemonium! Most days are much more tame, though I’m sure I could still go on for hours theorizing.

I think I will try to keep it a little more clean, spare. I think I’d better try for just a list of what we cooked/ate, with maybe one focused topic/day to expound on.

And although I will keep track of a week of consecutive days, I’m gonna throw ’em atcha curve ball style, just whenever I get time.

Look out.